Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riley's First Day of Preschool


My baby is not a baby anymore.  Last night, I teared up while making her lunch.  I had a hard time sleeping.  Today is Riley's first day of preschool.  She is there right now, hopefully being a good little girl, and hopefully listening to her teachers and doing what they ask of her.  This is weird for me.  Riley and I have been together since the day she was born.  No daycare, no anything.  Just me, or Tim, or my Mom.  It's hard knowing that my little girl is under the care of someone else.  But, it's good.  It's really good.  Riley is so ready for this.  Mommy is having a few issues/tears but she'll be okay.  Not to worry.  I'm holding back my urge to call them, and/or stalk the preschool.  I need to give her the day to figure it out.  If I call and find out that she's having a hard time, I will want to go pick her up.  And, I'm not picking her up on her first day of preschool early.  Do you think I should call?  What would you do?  I'm not going to call.  She's a big girl.  She told me bye, she told me that she loves me.  She's good.  She'll be fine.

She was super excited, I'm hoping that she will never need this...

The extra outfit.  She's a little scared of public restrooms, but she told me that she was going to go potty at the preschool potty, and then wash her hands after.  So, we will see.  She's great at holding it, hahaha!!

Her little lunch.  Oh no, I'm reliving it.


So excited...

I was happy that I at least got a hug good bye, and not a, "Mom, go, please, I don't need you right now..."

I hope you have a great first day of preschool Riley!!  I'll be there in 1 hour, 50 min, and 35 seconds to pick you up!

***  So I just got back from picking Riley up from preschool.  The teachers said she did great!!  Phew, what a relief!  I picked her up in the same clothes I dropped her off in, good news, except for one of the teachers informed me that her pants were too big and they kept falling down.  Oops, bad Mommy.  I guess she cried for a few minutes after I left (she ran after me, and I didn't know, how sad), and after that she was okay.  She didn't want to leave when I came to pick her up, and, the lucky girl, got pizza and a cupcake on her very first day.  Mommy cried over her little packed lunch for nothing.  I asked her if she met any new friends, and she said yes.  I asked her how many and she said, one, and then quickly changed her answer to eight.  So far, so good!!



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