Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Brother...

I have no pictures to accompany this post but it's one of those that I don't want to forget. Every day maybe 14 or 15 times a day I'm scolding Riley for being mean to Madi, or stealing her toys, or you know, knocking her over ever so "lovingly". I'm constantly telling her to be nice and to tell her sister that she's sorry after she sits in "time out" for however long I feel like.

Well just now, I'm finishing up my work for the day and the girls are playing in the bonus room. Right in front of my eyes Riley rips a toy right out of Madison's hands. Riley now has to rip things from her because Madi knows that she's coming so she holds on tight! I hear a huge cry from Madison, she screams when she is mad, BTW, and Riley looks at me innocently. I yelled, "RILEY!!!!" You know in that mean mommy voice we all do so well? And she replies, "Yeah, yeah, be nice." She says nice sarcastically too. Oh brother...


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