Thursday, August 20, 2009

That's Beachy

Tim's Mom and her sister Terri and Terri's two kids stayed with us this weekend on their way to Arizona. We had some fun, Joy wanted to take Terri to Tai Pan so we went there after a nice lunch at Mimi's. The girls were so good all day. On Sunday, Terri's daughter Tonya had her heart set on going down to the beach. It wasn't an all day affair, we spent about an hour down there just to enjoy the weather and Tim enjoyed some body surfing. I won't mention on here how many times he ate it, that would just be mean. The last time we went to the beach, Riley couldn't get enough of the water. This time however, this is what she did...

She didn't move from this spot when we put her down, and putting her down took a lot of coaxing. She was afraid of the sand, the water, all of it. Oh well, her sis had a GREAT time. Madison was practically running into the water and giggling with excitement every time a wave would crash on her. These are baby waves people, don't worry. It really was pretty cute to watch her squeal with delight. I think if she knew how to swim she would have been body surfing with Daddy.

Right before we left, I swore up and down that I saw a dolphin out in the water. Then, I thought I saw it again, and again. Well, I was right. There must have been a school of like 100 dolphins out there, it was awesome. They were really close too. Click on the pic to see them better.

Riley enjoyed a little Surf's Up in the car on the way there and on the way back. The headphones were a wee too big so Mommy had a quick fix for that.



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