Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Potty Animal!!!

I'm so proud of my BIG girl!! Riley has done so good with the potty. Riley is the type of kid that needs just a little push. She is very, very cautious, I mean very, with everything. I remember telling my Mom that I knew as soon as Riley felt herself actually go potty without an Elmo that she'd want to go potty all the time. Well, I was right, for once. It took her about a week to learn how to hold it in and when to let it out with maybe a handful of accidents. It wasn't until yesterday that she actually went potty in the toilet the entire day. She'd even go in by herself without telling me to go pee pee. I'm so proud of her. Going poo poo has not happened yet, I think that one is a little scary. Yesterday she tried to go poo poo twice on the potty but she got scared so I asked her if she'd like and Elmo and she said, "Ohay, Elmo please."

>She is on her way. To show her how excited and happy I was for her, we took a trip to Target where I let her pick out a toy. I told her it was because she was a big girl now that goes pee pee on the potty. She was super excited. We also picked out a book for her to read while she does poo poo on the potty, she was very excited about that too. I made the day about her and how she was a big girl. She got many rewards, a BLUE icee, some goldfish, new big girl underwear to add to her collection, a poo poo book, chicken nuggets, and french fries. She had a big day yesterday and she is so proud of herself. She's growing up, my baby is a big girl now!

As for the toy that she picked, she picked a Dora tricycle. Lucky for Mommy, Daddy was actually home by 6:30 last night so he put the bike together for Riley and we went out front to try it out. Riley still has some practicing to do but she's totally into it. As we speak, Riley is in the bathroom going pee pee, I could get used to this. You think it's too early to start Madi?

The girls at the store, Riley picked out her poo poo book. Look at that nosy Madison...

Here is Riley with all of her goodies...

Vroom, vroom Daddy!!

Her bike is also a nice place to sit back and relax...

Madison enjoyed watching Riley from the grass and eating leaves...

Daddy decided that since we were outside, he'd do a little yard work and Riley joined him. On a side note, Tim is obsessed with his little tiny bit of lawn out front. For the longest time, he had is grass greener then anyone on the street and then, he got some dead patches so he needs to get on these, I think he is even embarrassed of his lawn. We like to tease him about it...


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