Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Months

Another month has gone by and Madi is ten months old. I know I say this every time but, I can't believe how fast it's going. I'm actually starting to think of ideas for her 1st bday party, it's crazy! New things:

1. Blew a kiss 8/23
2. Weaning began 8/21
3. Started taking "steps" 8/16
4. Starting to mimic the sounds of our words
5. Responding to "no"
6. Crawls all the way to the top of the stairs
7. Will not let me feed her. Will only feed herself, wanting to use utensils.
8. Fights back when Riley tries to you know annoy her.

She has been showing a TON of interest in walking. I walk her with one hand most of the time around the house and she loves it. She will let go of furniture to reach and step towards another piece of furniture. On 8/16, she started "walking" from one person to the other. She loves that. About a week before we tried that, I took her upstairs for a bath and she was holding on to the tub and would turn herself towards me and walk towards me, and then turn around and go back. She's not close to walking alone but I'm thinking in a month she might be all over the place walking. We'll see right? Right now, she can take 2-3 steps toward someone or something unassisted.

She's also really wanting to talk. Most of the time after dinner when she is in her high chair, we'll ask her to say some things like, night night time, or Dada bite, or Mama night night, or all done. She really watches us and "repeats" what we are saying. It's so interesting to watch her brain think.

She has started to fight back when Riley takes a toy from her and there is a lot of screaming going on at the Rush House. It's usually Riley doing most of the screaming and Mommy right behind that. My gosh it's hard to teach sharing to a toddler. I didn't know that the entire house belonged to Riley. Whatever! At least Madison isn't a push over, well, it is easy to push her over, but, you know what I mean ;)

She's getting so big, I can't believe it. She still does not sleep. She is still not completely weaned. I went two days without feeding her and this morning, I fed her from me because I was in so much discomfort. With Riley, the day she stopped breast feeding was the day I dried up. Not the case with Madison. Any tips on getting dry? I've heard of drinking sage tea and cabbage leafs but I'm not ready to make a salad out of my boobs. Anyway, she refuses to take a sippy cup while Tim or I hold her but she'll take it alone in her crib. It's like she doesn't want us to know that she's giving in. She doesn't drink a lot of it so I'm thinking it won't last very long and she won't be drinking anything before going to bed, which means milk, milk, milk with meals and in between.

That's the newest on Madi, here's a few pics:



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