Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stacy Visits!

My Dear sister came to visit last week with her family.  We haven't seen Stacy and Bella in a year, and James in two years.  To say we had fun would be an understatement!

What a great visit we had.

Dinner and visiting at my house on Friday.
Breakfast at Gi Gi's and Shopping on Saturday.
Disneyland on Sunday. 

They left on Monday.

It was fun.

Bella is getting so big.  I took a few pictures at my Grandma's house that I thought I'd post right now while the kids are eating lunch.

So Grandma Kelley makes the best biscuits and gravy, and Grandpa Kelley makes the best eggs.

Breakfast at their house is such a treat.

We ate outside before the weather turned hot, disgusting, nasty, and gross.  It was really nice for a while there.  I was able to drink my coffee without sweating.  Always a plus.

The kids love Grandma Kelley's house.  We did too when we were little.  She has such a beautiful, big yard with lots of places to explore.

Doesn't Bella look pretty in her tutu?  She has gotten so big.  I can't believe it.

Her and Riley got together great, better then I was expecting.  They pretty much would have slumber partied it up every night if we let them.

That's it for my short post.  More pictures in a couple of days, or tomorrow.  Whenever I can get the Disneyland pictures edited.

I'll leave you with a teaser.




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