Monday, August 1, 2011

Did you Say you'd Like Some Random?

I've been talking to Nikon lately.  The good news is that they can fix my camera.

I'm so excited.  Last week the status of my girl was 'IN SHOP'.  Her current status is 'BILL'.  I'm assuming that now they will charge me for the amount that I approved 2 Fridays ago.

Little do they know, I had the money 2 Fridays ago.  Now I'm not so sure.  I had to buy a new iphone for myself because my other one has been broken for about a month, and we just treated ourselves to Macaroni Grill last night.

I sure hope that money is in my account.

I'll let you know how it pans out, and when her status is either 'SHIPPED' or 'HELD CAPTIVE TILL WE GET OUR MULA'

Meet my Uncle Tommy.

The Kiefers found themselves in California this weekend.  It was nice to see them, as it always is.  We laugh a lot.

My Mom made us a dinner with awesome ribs on Saturday night.  We ate in the porkadillo.  If you are wondering what the porkadillo is, head over to my Mom's blog she posts about it all the time.

We ate, we drank, we be'd merried.

I was a little bummed on Sunday when we woke up because we had made big plans Saturday night to do some leisure diving.  And planking.

But it was raining.  Which was so cool I might add, but totally ruined our awesome plans for the day.

Instead, Tim had to go pick up his tools at work, while I stayed home with the crazies.

Who decided to be that extra bit of crazy for me yesterday.  Such a fun time.  When they act that way.  I'm blaming it on the pool.  They tire themselves out so good in that thing but then refuse to sleep.

Except for this morning, they are still sleeping.  They need it.  And I'm not making any kinds of noises to risk it.  Neither is Tim, but, he hasn't been here for an hour.

I'm enjoying my coffee (which I only made a few cups of because I'm out of creamer, blah, why don't they make the nonfat creamer in the large container?  I'm out like every other day.)

Do you like my mug?  On the other side it says "Mornings Aren't Pretty"

I concur.

In other news, I'll be making salsa tonight.  I'm going to wing it.  Just cut up whatever I feel like and throw it together.  I'm just hoping Nikon doesn't take my money today, or I won't be able to buy the rest of my ingredients at the store.


Happy Monday ya'll.


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