Thursday, September 1, 2011


When it comes to my family and Disneyland, it's a love love relationship.

My Papa who passed away almost 6 years ago (I think, I'm not one to keep track.  One day without him was long enough) loved Disney.  He was an artist, and a good one.  He made copies of all the Disney movies he could get his hands on and made his own VHS covers for them.

I would buy him a new Mickey Mouse mug every Christmas.  It's amazing to me that I was actually able to find so many.  I now have the collection that I display in my office and I think there are about 12 or more.

Thank you Disney for making so many.  Everyday I'm reminded of my Papa when I go upstairs to work.  I'm one of the lucky ones in the family too that he painted a picture for that is up there as well.

He was one amazing guy and his shoes will never be filled.  Disneyland for me, always brings back his memory.

After he passed, the family got a tile for him at Disneyland.  We always stop to visit.

I think one of the hardest things to deal with is that Papa never got to meet any of his Great Grandchildren.  They would have adored him, and him them.  He would have loved and appreciated every moment he spent with them.  Especially moments like this at Disneyland.

Even in the heat, the hot, sticky, disgusting mess that it was on Sunday.  He would have bought everyone icecream.  And hats.  We'd hold hands and laugh, and he'd be the life of the day.

The parade has nothing on him.

He also never got to meet my wonderful and amazing husband Tim.  They have so much in common and would have gotten along like lifelong friends I think.

And he would have been the one to push his dear, sweet wife in the wheelchair that she doesn't need but her family pushed her into it anyway so that she could enjoy the entire day.

 And they would have argued, and fought about it.  But we'd all laugh.  And talk about how funny they were about the little things.

I know he would have bought one of these awesome cameras that we all have and would share a love of it with me, and my Mom, and my brother.

We'd discuss settings.  And take pictures.  Throughout the park.

Us Grandkids would all fight for his time.  Because we all thought that we were his favorite.  But this one,

Would try to convince us all that she was his favorite.  She even would choke down deviled eggs (Papa's favorite) with a smile and a grin right in front of him, to prove to him that she loved deviled eggs as much as he did.

Even though she hated them.

And the Princess's?  Like the real Princess's, that live at Disneyland...he would have visited with them like the kids.  He would have been a gentleman and told Ariel how nice she looked, "on legs, on HUMAN legs."

And he would have asked Belle if she has read any good books lately.

He would have come over to my house before we left to paint the girls' faces, so that we didn't have to cash in our Investment CD to pay for face painting at Disneyland.

He would have loved the entire day.  Him and my Grandma would have been up and at em' as early as possible to get as much in as possible.

These Grandkids would be his world.

And he would tell anyone that would listen how beautiful they are, and smart, and funny.  It's what he did with us.  He was our biggest fans.

When he passed, I found a million newspaper clippings and Internet printouts of my Volleyball articles from High School through college.

He was Sean's biggest fan and was at every baseball game.

He was one of the only supporters of Stacy moving away from us all the way to Oklahoma to start a beautiful new life with James.

The man loved his family.

My Mom is a female version of my Papa.

She loves Disney just as much as he did.  That's why we all have passes.  And we go together.  Because it's magical.  And it's good.  And it's a great wholesome day for the family.

Papa would have sat on the curb with me to watch the parade.  That I cried at.  Because it was so overwhelming to see the joy on Riley's face as everyone danced by.  The squeals were delightful, and when she came around to hug my neck in excitement, I cried.  More tears then I'd like to admit, and to this day I'll blame them on the sun that was in my eyes.

My Papa had a huge influence on us.  He was a great man.

And my children will never know him.  It breaks my heart, but I know that these kids will know him through the stories that we tell.

Through the stories and memories that he made.

And they will get it.  And they will know him.

Awe.  That post went in a totally different direction then I was planning.  It just kind of came out when I came across that picture of the tile we got for him at Disneyland.

I hope you enjoyed it, and the pictures.  We had a great time, and it was HOT!!  And on a side note, we rode in the caterpillar behind Kobe Bryant on the Alice in Wonderland ride.  No joke.  We did.  He stole the caterpillar that Riley had her heart set on.  I think she's over it by now.


Oh yeah, and Riley rode her first roller coaster!  And ran back as excited as ever to ride it again...and again...and again...

And Madi rode her first roller coaster...once.




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