Monday, September 19, 2011

The Drama of it All


Is actually an understatement.

What a stressful week we had last week.  Well, it's been a stressful 3 weeks.  You want to know the inside scoop?  I'll tell you.

So that job that Tim took about a month and a half ago, remember that one?  How I was excited that he was going to be home early and all that jazz so that we can start having family dinners?  You can read it here if you missed it.

Well, well, well.  What a crock.  So, we are used to a weekly pay period.  This new position is a semi monthly pay period, being paid on the 5th and the 20th.  So we kind of had to go 20 days without my bread winner's pay check.  That was kind of tough.  Then...when he got his check, it was $1000.00 shorter (at least $1000 shorter)then what they had agreed upon.  And then....the check bounced.  What?  Who does that?  And there is a week that he never even saw a paycheck for.

So basically, the only amount of money we've received from them is $1200.00 cash, big flippin woop.  That's all they said that they could "come up with".  Really?  But some money is better then no money.  Add these 3 weeks to the 2 weeks his former employer owes him, and it's 5 weeks of pay.

So there you have it.  That's what we have been dealing with.  Oh yeah, then we thought we had a leak because our water bill came in at $591.00.  Found out (99.9% sure) it's the toilet.  If it was a slab leak, we were looking at $1800.00-$4500.00 in repairs.  So thank the Lord it was just our toilet.  Oh yeah, and then my electric bill came in the next day a hundred dollars more than the highest month we've had so far this year.  When Tim took the new job, I put Riley back to 2 days at preschool.  Just in case.  So glad that I did.  Once we get caught back up, she'll be going 3 days again.

So, stressful?  Yes.  Tears.  Many.  But our faith is strong.  It's difficult in the situation and even though I have faith, it's still hard for me to swallow sometimes.  I'm allowed to get upset don't you think? 

The good news is, I'm a GREAT budgeter.  I'm a saver.  Not a spender.  So we have money to cover all of our problems.  We will get that money that is owed to us.  The question is just when?  I have the NSF check from the bank and have called every day since we received it back to see if there are funds in the account.

Only one day there were enough funds in the account to cover our check, and when Tim got down to the bank it was already gone.  The teller told him he was 45 minutes late.  Sucky!

Tim is now back to work as in independent contractor.  How I miss the W-2 wage days.

Done with the drama of it all?  I am.  I'm over it.  I've moved on.  I hate drama.  I hate when I've been sucked into drama.  The good thing is I don't dwell on ANYTHING. 

I'm totally over you, and your crap.

That's my attitude!

I'd like to say that this post has no more drama, but it probably does.  Am I contradicting myself?  What if I told you it wasn't really drama, and just motherhood.

Before any of that though, I had one of my final orders this past weekend.  It was 65 cookies, 1 three tier cake, and 2 one tier cakes.  All for one party.  A bridal shower.  I only have 2 more orders to go until I'm completely done with it all.

Since I decided to stop doing the cakes, it's been so much more relaxing around here.  And then on the weeks that I actually have an order, I remember why I'm not doing it anymore.  Talk about a ton of hours into something that makes no money.  When you add it all up it just doesn't make sense.  I could make more working overtime for my Dad.  And, not have a mess in my kitchen.

But, they turned out beautiful.  Here, take a look.

I love the black and white!

My delivery was on Saturday.  One of the other reasons I don't want to do cakes anymore.  My weekends were sometimes filled with pick ups and deliveries.  Most of the time people were hours later then they said (which is so rude), and I was stuck at home waiting for them.  On Saturday, that entire day was dedicated to the delivery at 3:00 in Claremont.

It's just not for me anymore.  I will totally enjoy making birthday cakes for the kids, and they will be the best birthday cakes around!  But, no more orders for me.  I don't even want to do it for friends and family like I said I would.  I've packed all my equipment away, and have my kitchen as a normal kitchen again.

It's nice.

Yesterday, Tim was home by the afternoon so we headed out to the park and for dinner at BJs.

We didn't last long at the park.  Maybe 15 minutes?  We go to a very quiet park most of the time.  It's like a little secret.  If you are in the Corona area and want to know where it is, let me know.  I'll share my secret, because I'm nice like that.

Basically there are never more than 3 families there at a time.  But Riley's not a big fan because she's into making friends with everyone.  And this park doesn't present very good opportunities for age appropriate friends.

She was obsessed with becoming friends with this little girl that was younger then Madi.  And with her little baby brother.

Um...she was that annoying little girl on the playground that wanted to be on top of your babies.  Having full on conversations at your child.

And Madi, just had to go potty.  And had an accident.

That kid has had more accidents.  She waits to long.  Doesn't want to stop playing.  So if I don't catch her holding herself, it's a quick rush to the potty.

And the poor thing gets so upset when she has an accident.

After the incident, we headed back to the house for new pants and a potty break, and then headed to BJs for dinner.  The kids were excellent, and at the end of the meal they asked us if they could go to bed now.

Check please!

And in other news, I know you are so super jealous of my fancy blue nail polish with purple glitter.  They match the girls' nails.  "If you are going to be a princess like me, you have to paint your nails pretty, with sparklies." -Riley Rush

And I definitely want to be a princess.  I kinda feel like I'm 15.  But I kinda like them too.  I'm feeling quite fancy.

Oh and I'm Princess and the Frog.  Not Tiana, but Princess and the Frog.  Riley is Sleeping Beauty.  Madi is Ariel (or sometimes the mother, when Riley wants to be Rapunzel, can you tell which one is older?).  We call each other by our princess names.  But I can't get them to start calling me Tiana.  I'm Princess and the Frog.

Should I tell Daddy?  I don't think he looks like a Frog.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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