Thursday, September 8, 2011

Riley's First Day of Pre-K

Yesterday, Riley had her first day of Pre-K.  I was excited to drop her off.  I'm going to be honest.  This summer, with the girls fighting every two seconds, was very hard.  I'm sure if you walked by my house at any moment on any day, you would have heard me screaming, Riley screaming, or Madi screaming.  Followed with crying, and slamming of doors.

Awe.  Summer.

So  much fun.  But it all had to end (thank the Lord!!) and Riley is back in school.

Her teachers this year are Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Lewann.  Very, very sweet ladies and I met Ms. Lewann last year, her daughter was in Riley's preschool class.

We are also very excited that Riley's bestie Zoe is in her class as well.  Those two used to get into trouble last year.  Causing rucus at lunch time.

So here she is.  In her brand new outfit for her first day.

Yep, we go blingy.  Riley likes her glitter, her ruffles, and her bows.

And she wanted this outfit at Target because it had the Shake it Up girls on the sign above it.  Who are they by the way?  I think they are on the Disney channel, and sometimes Riley gets bits and pieces of that one.  I don't like those older kid shows.  I think some of them send a bad message.

But we bought the clothes anyway.  Thanks Disney.

There were no tears shed.  I brought her in.  She said hi to all of her old friends.  Got her name tag.  And then told me to leave.

And then Madi cried.  Because she wanted to stay.  It's going to be a hard year when it comes to that.

Good luck Riley in your last year of preschool.  You start Kindergarten next year.  I'm hoping this year goes by slow.  Really slow.  Because when you start Kindergarten next year, you will be a real kid.  Not my "baby".  You will be old.  And going to real birthday parties.  And doing homework. 

When did you get so big?  When did you start having these conversations with me?  When did you become a person?  I'm so excited for you and a little emotional at the same time.

I love to watch you grow up but want to slow it down so bad.  I love you Riley Rush.  With all of my heart.  Your Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.



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