Sunday, August 14, 2011

Posting Last Weekend This Weekend

To make room for this weekend's post!

Did that make sense?  Probably not.  Just in my own mind.

So last weekend huh?  Ours was epic.

Well that might be going a bit extreme.  It was pretty cool though.  Our little Riley Rush has learned how to swim.  I've been wanting to get this girl in swim lessons but I don't want to take her just anywhere.  I am looking for private lessons but I have no recommendations.  Blah.

But that don't matter, cause Riley taught herself how to swim.

She's pretty smart.  Tim and my Dad might have helped her a little bit.  What happened is, Riley jumped in the pool from the side, and her floaty slipped off.

Tim saw this happening and saw Riley treading water and staying afloat.  He decides to see if she goes for it.

Bang.  Bam.  Boom.

Riley decides she can swim.

We have been working with her, but she's never wanted to put her face under the water and hold her breath.  Or anything like that.  Once Riley decides she is ready to do something.  She does it.  Period.

Now that she's "swimming" though, I'm even more anxious to get her in lessons.  Anyone know of someone they could recommend in Corona?  email me..


And this guy, he's pretty awesome.  And his hair is growing back...

Yes!  I love him with hair.  It's my favorite on him. 

He got in trouble with the littlest one.  She wanted to take her floaties off too.  Because she wants to be just like big sister.  But we didn't let her.

It's got to be so hard for her to see this... 

And not be able to join in.  The tears were okay.  I understand Madi.  I too am the second born.  It's just not fair sometimes.

Your time will come.

Did I mention why we were over at my Mom's house last weekend?  We were invited to a fish fry.  To eat all the fish that were caught up in Rock Creek.  We weren't the only ones invited either.

And we didn't just eat fish.  There were appetizers.

One thing I love about the pool is the appetites that my girls have when they get out.  They eat so good.  Make a Mama happy.

I'm going over to my Mom's house again today.  Tim has to work. 

It will be so nice to just relax by the pool though, like we did last weekend.

I was fortunate enough to hear some good fishing stories from my Grandpa.  He tells a good one.

And a long one.  By the time his story was over, it was time to get out of the pool and start helping with dinner.

Well, most of us helped.  After we got dressed of course.

Don't you just love little bathing suit tan lines on toddlers?  I sure do!

My Mom is so good at having people over.  I swear.  She's kind of the best.  She works her behind off to have everything ready for dinner before anyone even gets to her house.  So when it's time for dinner, it's heating something up, and just throwing dishes together.  Like her tomatoes.  Everything was sliced, all she needed to do was spoon some pesto over them, sprinkle some cheese, and in the oven.

She needs to tell you guys about these tomatoes.  OMG.  Best.  Tomatoes.  Ever.

The spread was pretty dang yummy.  And guess where we ate...

Yep, the porkadillo.

 It was a great day.  I always love days like this.  That end around the table outside.

 It feels good to have this post done.  I've been going through the pictures everyday not wanting to edit them, or even choose which ones to edit.  It was a project!

But I think I got some good shots.  So it was worth it.

Stay tuned.  It is someone's birthday on Tuesday.  And we celebrated yesterday.

I have some pictures to share.

 Peace out folks.  I'm off to go....swimming!  I know, you already knew where I was going.  I'm addicted to my Mom's house, oh, and there are leftovers.

My type of day.

Happy Sunday!



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