Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch, School Pictures, and Random Thoughts

 We went to the pumpkin patch last Thursday.  The girls and I went with Riley's friend Zoe and her Mom.  We met up at the Irvine Park Railroad.  I wanted to go there last year because I had heard how great it was, but it never worked out.

It was nice to go during the week and during the day.  It was like stay at home Mom central.  I want to be one of them, one of them stay at home Mom types, that are rich enough to be at the Irvine Railroad pumpkin patch. 

And can spend $4.00 per ticket.  Ahem, yes I'll repeat, $4.00 per ticket.  What?  Yeah, but most of the rides were only 1 ticket.  So it might have been about the same as the patch here in Corona.  Or not.  I'm not really sure and don't feel like doing the math. 

I tried to get a couple of cute pictures of the kids, but it didn't happen.  They were way too excited that we were meeting Zoe there.

Isn't she cute?  Her and Riley have had a few play dates, and they are in the same class.  They used to get in trouble together last year in preschool.  I'm not sure if they are causing any problems this year, I haven't heard from her teachers whether or not they have been disrupting lunch with their laughter.  But the school year is still young...

I wish we could have stayed longer but both Zoe's Mom, Despina, and I had to get back home.  I had to work, and she had to head off to work.  So we only stayed a few hours.  But it was fun, and I'm sure if we had stayed any longer I would have been tapping into my savings account for more ticket money. ;)

Before we left though, we had to have a ride on the train.

So we waited for it to roll back around.

And we're off!  What a ride it was!  Such beautiful scenery out there.  I will definitely be back next year, for a picnic lunch and with the piggy bank (Tim).

We also did the bounce house and the hay maze.  It was a fun day, great idea Despina!


So those school pictures?

Yep, she's a cutie.  See that necklace?  She hid that from me.  Had it in that really stretched out blue pocket of hers.  Along with some bracelets.  I laughed because she put it on without me knowing.  And do you see that there is a hair stuck in it?  Lovely.  But it's fun to have a story with the picture right?

My Mom said I used to match my jewelry with my outfits just like that.  And it was my idea not hers.  What happened?  I was such a girlie girl!  I wonder if my 4 year old self would come look at my 29 year old self (hat, t-shirt and jeans wearing self) and shake her head in disappointment.  Hm..something to ponder.


And to the random...

1. Someone should seriously run a 2 for 1 deal on bed sheets. And seriously like a 2 for 1 deal. Like not a mark one up and say it's a 2 for 1 deal. It's one of the actual things that we need 2 of. And they wear out about the same time. And I really need new bed sheets, so someone should do this sale now.

2.  We went to get a few things for Madi's birthday party today at Party City.  First, wow it was crazy packed in there because of Halloween.  And Second, I showed Madi all of the decorations (she went with Cinderella) and said, "Oh gosh, this is so cute."  It wasn't what she said, it was how she said it.

3.  I've had a cold since Sunday and it keeps getting worse and worse.  That's why I forced myself to do a post tonight.  Instead of sitting in my sweats on the couch covering myself with tissue after tissue and going through five million bottles of water, I'm writing, drinking sprite, and still sitting on the couch but hopefully I don't still look dead.

4.  I had to miss bunco tonight because of my cold.  I didn't want to get anyone sick.  I hope they are having a great time, it's Halloween bunco and we were encouraged to dress up.  Hoping there are pictures on Facebook later to cheer me up.

5.  The hubs made me home made chicken soup tonight, complete with homemade chicken stock.  Not really, but he did bring me home some really yummy chicken noodle from chick-fil-a. 

6.  Halloween is on a Monday.  That's going to be hard.

8.  I'm really getting sick of that orange background of mine.  I knew it wouldn't be my favorite for long, but Halloween is on Monday (in case you forgot) and that means a nice new fall background will be in order.
7.  We finally finished Lost.  Thank God, because I couldn't take it anymore.  But overall, worth the wait, good story.

8.  I'm off, because the fact that we did take like an entire month to finish Lost means that our TiVo is crazy packed, and we have some catching up to do!




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