Thursday, October 13, 2011

Arizona or Bust

Last weekend we headed off to Arizona to go pick up my Grandma.  She had been out visiting my Uncle for the month of September and it was time for her to come home.

We (Timmy, my Mom, Riley, Madi, and Yours Truly) decided the best thing to do would be to rent a car big enough so that we could all ride together.  Then we decided the day before we were going to leave that it would be better to take the RV.  But it was too late to prep that bad boy for a voyage so we stuck with the rental car idea.

We got a minivan.  Um.  I. am. in. love.  With that minivan.  I never thought it would happen.  Folks, my next car might just be a mini.  I know, it's so uncool.  But sitting inside one of those bad boys, I realized that they are cool.  And if you are thinking that you, could never pull off a minivan and make it look cool...not to worry, I'm going to make them cool for you.  I'm going to make the mini's desirable.  You're welcome.

Any who, the drive was nice, set the kids up with movies, snacks, handhelds, coloring.  And they were back in the back.  They were excellent.  The entire trip.  Which means that I think they are getting older.  Which makes me all teary eyed and stuff.

The skies were so pretty.  I took those first 2 pictures from the car.  The clouds reminded me of the wallpaper in Toy Story.  In the kid's room, what was his name?  I can't remember.

Kasey (my cousin) had a volleyball tournament for school while we were there.  When we got into Arizona we headed straight to the school that she was playing at, somewhere near Phoenix.  Or in Phoenix.  I think.

To watch her play.

My cousin is a STUD.  Capital. S.T.U.D.  I'm so proud of her.  I know it's kind of silly but the first couple of awesome plays she made I kind of teared up.  She's amazing.  Don't tell her I said so though, we don't want her to get a big head or anything like that.

And she got taller I think.  If I was a college recruiter I'd pick her up in a heartbeat.  Because not only does she play well, she pulls her team together.  

Makes me miss volleyball so much.  I hate that I ended my career in college.  Those years sucked.  It should have just ended in club.  Haha.  My coach in college was psycho.  She got fired a year after I left.  Bummer.  Why couldn't it have been 4 years earlier?  Awe.  Oh well.  This isn't about me.  Let's get back to my stud cousin who is a junior in high school.  Which you all know what that means...  

She'll be a double stud by next year.

So proud.  Can you tell? 

Those Kiefer's in Arizona.  They are tall.  Was that random?  Well, I just thought it, so I wrote it.  You should know by now that that is how I write my blog.  Anyway, they have done some beautiful things to their home.  I am in love with it.  And they have such a huge yard to play in.  The kids had so much fun running around with the dogs, and their Daddy.

Did you gasp when you saw that picture above?  Because she's actually looking at my camera?  I did.  I totally did.  Because if you knew how quickly she was moving her head, you'd be surprised too that she paused just long enough for me to get it.  I got you Madi Rush.  You can't dodge my camera forever..enter creepy laugh here.

We had a great time visiting the Kiefers.  I wish we had at least one more day.  It's hard to drive 5 hours and then head back 2 days later with another 5 hour drive.  Plus it's just fun there.  I love Arizona.  And I love the Kiefers.  It was fun.

And don't let Madi tell you otherwise.



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