Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Resolution Post

It's January 2, 2011.  My first time writing that...2011.

One more year until the end of the world.  Just kidding...

Last year, I posted about not having a resolution, because of how tired I was.  I think I'm still that tired but I've had some time off of my crazy life that I came up with a few things. 

I thought I'd recap what went on last year but in a nutshell, Riley started preschool in January, we all turned a year older, Madi started going to daycare once a week, I did way too many cakes to count (which stopped me from blogging from June-August), and we did a few improvements to the house.

Exciting, I know.

I'm afraid to actually write down these goals of mine because I really want to accomplish them and I'm afraid that I won't stick to it.

Should I just jump right in?

Okay, here it is.
  • Getting Healthy.  This includes working out (running/Insanity videos) at least 3-4 times a week, and eating better.  I want to make the time to do my lists and grocery shopping every week so that I have the ingredients necessary to eat healthier.  I'm not going to weigh myself like crazy.  I'm not going to put a number on how many pounds I want to lose.  I think if I just eat healthier and work out, I'll see the changes I want to see.  I'm not going to starve myself and I'm not going to tell myself not to eat that cookie if I really want it.  If overall my diet has changed, and my running starts showing results, everything in moderation is okay.
  • Patience.  I need it.  I used to have it.  Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere around the time that I gave birth to Riley.  With all that pushing, I must have pushed my patience out of my body along with a seven pound four ounce baby.  My goal is to try not to take on so much that I run out of patience on a daily basis.  Riley has even told me once or twice that I need to have more patience.  Thanks oh wise one.  Way to rub it in.
  • Find a church that we love. That we look forward to going to every Sunday. I desperately want my kids in a Sunday school, and I want a better relationship with my God.
  • Get my bonus room done and all the other projects around the house that have been started but never finished.  If we end up having enough money to do the backyard completely, that's on the list too.  I'd at least like to have a patio cover and our hill planted, with some nice outdoor furniture, and maybe a fire pit, and maybe a jacuzzi...;)
  • More date nights with the hubby.  I'm going to have to find a babysitter.  Sean is leaving for law school and my Mom, unfortunately for me, has a life that gets in the way of my needs.  How rude right? ;)  (You know I'm joking Mom, you help me out a TON!!  And I am so grateful for it!)  But I need some time with my Tim.  We need some time together.
  • Getting better organized.  I'm not bad, but I'm not good.  I'm somewhere in between. 
  • Say no, even if it means people get mad at me.  If it is going to make me crazy, I'm not going to do it.  Period.
I could probably list a million other things that I need to work on, but there is always next year for those! 

I'm going to believe that this year will be better than last year and maybe it will be.  I think it will be.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Cheers to 2011!



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