Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you Like it Hot?

I do.  I like it hot, and spicy.  And I'm talking about soup.

You people really need to get your heads out of the gutter.

But since I'm a married woman, can I just keep mine in the gutter for a minute and say that I do like it hot?

Sorry Mom, I forgot to say cover your ears.

Was that inappropriate?  Let me know.  I can always erase this stuff, but I probably won't, so don't even worry about it.


Back to the soup.

Tim and I love to have Campbell's tomato soup and a grilled cheese with American cheese.  Seriously.  It's one of my favorites.  There is nothing better than dipping that sandwich into the hot soup.


I'm on a "diet" of eating healthier and working out.

I'm doing pretty good with it by the way, thank you for asking.  I've joined a basketball team that plays Monday nights with some old teammates of mine.  It is a blast.  We have sucked big time the past 2 weeks, but we do really good the first half.  When we all have energy to sprint up and down the court.  I scored twice last night.  That's better than my big fat goose egg last week!

Plus I'm running a couple days a week and walking sometimes with friends.  It works.  I'm getting there.

Oh right, back to the soup.  Sorry, I'm getting a bit off topic right now.  Maybe it's because Madi is pretending to be a ghost right now with a blanket over her head.  She's bumping into walls and doors and tells these inanimate objects that she's sowwy.  It's funny but I need to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself.

I even tried to get a few pictures but she won't let me.  They are into that right now.  Not letting me take pictures of them.  But that's another story and I need to get back to the soup.

Since eating healthier, I've tried a few recipes from Ellie Krieger.  She's that healthy chef on Food Network.  I really do like her recipes.  Very flavorful for healthy food.

So I thought I'd share a spicy tomato soup recipe that I tried.  You can follow this link to see the recipe and print it out.

First things first, cook your onion for a bit.

Then you add your jalapeño and spices.  And if you remember correctly, I like it hot and spicy so I add another jalapeño and cumin (which the cumin isn't really spicy if you ask me, it's more smokey).

After you cook that for a minute, you add your broth...

And tomatoes.

You can make your own tortilla strips to put in the soup if you'd like.  Very easy.  Take corn tortillas, brush both sides with oil, cut them into strips, add salt, and put in the oven until they are a bit browned.  Ellie tells you how.

After your soup simmers for about ten minutes, you take out your Grandma's very old blender that works like magic and will never break to puree everything together.

When I was done with that, I put it all back in the pot to stay warm while I made another Ellie Krieger recipe to go with it.

If you don't make the soup, make these sandwiches.  Oh man are these good.  I could have tripled the onions on these things.  So good!

You sauté your onions and add salt and pepper.  Take two slices of whole wheat bread and put a slice of cheddar on each.  Top with onions.

Next you add your tomatoes.  And since I love the tomatoes at Sam's, I've mentioned those before right?  Like a million times?  Yeah, go get some.  They rock the house.

Anyway add your slice of pepper jack (because I like it hot, have I mentioned that?)
And your tomatoes.  And add salt and pepper.  Salt to taste and pepper because, well you know.

Spray your pan with cooking spray (I used the dirty pan that I cooked my onions in for more flavor, so I very lightly sprayed) and grill your sandwiches. 

And there you have it.  A hot, and spicy meal.  That is pretty healthy.  No butter on the whole wheat bread.  Soup that is like 0 grams of fat.  Only real badness is the cheese.  Oh how I love cheese!

Next step, enjoy eating your dinner with your hot husband.

And make it spicy.

Too much?

Okay, I'll stop.



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