Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prettier than a Princess

A little girl I know has infiltrated my Mother's birthday.  Every year we go to breakfast and then spend the day shopping.  This year, since Riley's and my Mom's birthdays are only a few days apart, I thought we could spend the day for Riley as well.  I mean she's four and birthdays mean the world to little kids.  Me, not so much.  A birthday is just a birthday, I have been known to forget my birthday on occasion.

So my Mom got the breakfast.

And Riley got to do something she's been wanting to do for months.

I've been waiting to get Riley's ears pierced.  I toyed with the idea of doing it when she was a baby but thought I'd wait until she could tell me that she'd like to have earrings.  I know that she is only four and doesn't really get that she's putting permanent holes in her ears, but she knows that she wants earrings.  That's all I wanted was to know that she would like them.  So we made a special day of it.

She was so good!  So excited!  They gave her a bear to hold.  She sat perfectly still for 10 minutes with this look of pure calmness about her.

They marked her ears (about one hundred times) to make sure they looked even. 

For some reason, people crowded around to watch this.  Like they had never seen it done before or something, or they wanted to see if Riley was going to cry.  I don't know, all I know is that it was weird, I don't think I'd ever sit around to watch a four year old I didn't know get her ears pierced.

It was time to do it.  She knew it would feel like a pinch.  But I think she did not expect it to hurt as bad as it did.  The good thing was, she wasn't scared.

Until about right here.  When you could see the panic set in.  They shot, she said ouch (like how dare you) and instantly the tears came.

My poor baby!!

We let her take a look at them, thinking it might help. 

But it really hurt.

But nothing a little chocolate candy from Uncle Sean couldn't fix.

And then it was like it didn't even happen.  She was happy that she had them I think.  And she loves to look at them now.


She tells me, "Remember when I didn't have earrings?  Remember when I got them and I cried a lot?  Yeah.  I love them now."

"They make me look pretty, like a Princess."

Yes, they do Riley.  Prettier then a Princess.

I'll be posting Riley's birthday soon.  Stay tuned!



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