Monday, January 17, 2011

San Diego with the Student

Yesterday we headed down to San Diego to see my brother Sean's new studio apartment.  First day of law school starts Tuesday.

He already has six new friends.

He says they are his people.

I believe him.  He has found his people.

Hopefully these people will come to Corona one day to visit so that I can actually see more people like Sean.

Should be interesting.

Have you been to San Diego recently?  Downtown?  It's gorgeous.  Everywhere you turn there is a photo opportunity.  I felt like I couldn't snap enough pictures.

I wanted to do a photo shoot with the girls while we were down there for my Valentine's day header.  But it didn't really happen.  I did get a few good pictures that might work though.

I think I'm going to go back out though, some place local and do a fun shoot.  With jeans, and hearts, and maybe some candy.

We stopped at a local place for pizza and beer.  It was the best pizza I've ever had.  I wonder if they deliver to Corona.

There was this really cool brick wall in the pizza place.  I thought I'd try to get some pictures again.  Don't you think Riley is beautiful?  I do.  Of course I am her mother and don't count.

And this one looks like an angel.

But she's really a devil in disguise.

Sean said that his new friends are competitive.  That's right up Sean's alley.  Kelley's are competitive.  We like to win.  I bet this little competition will just help Sean succeed.

I'm so proud of Sean.  He is going to do good things.  And I think I'm going to visit often.

I might come alone one day.  I don't know yet what I'll do with my monsters but I'll figure it out.  I want to go shopping there, and sit at a pub and have a pint.  Yeah, I'm still talking about San Diego.  They do have pubs there.

We walked right by the Padre's stadium.  It's gorgeous.

We let the girls run around on some grass right there outside the stadium.  They got out a lot of built up energy.  So did Daddy.

There were so many places just walking the streets that would be great places to take some pictures of anyone that would be willing to pose.  Couldn't you see a beautiful blue eyed girl leaning up against this white wall?

Or you could just try to take pictures of the goofy people that are with you.  It works.

We ended our day with a beverage up on the roof of Sean's apartment complex.  Awesome spot.  Awesome city.

Good luck Sean.  I hope you do well.  I know you will do well.  You are pretty smart. 

I know I still have to post pictures of Riley part 3.  It will come, I promise.  I hope.

How was your weekend?



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