Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riley Part 2 of 3 (The Preschool Party)

Token picture of Madi, she is still a part of the family, it's just been all about Riley lately.

Last Friday, we celebrated Riley's birthday with all of her friends at preschool.

The cupcakes drew instant attention.

Riley is trying to make sure the cupcakes stay safe.

Madi and I got there right before lunch, this is when they always read a story.  Little Miss Attitude was a bit overwhelmed that I was there, and taking pictures, and that it was her birthday, and that the story was just for her.

Miss Arcee read them a story all about birthdays.

 While Miss Jennifer set up the lunch that we brought.  We brought pizza and drinks for the kids to enjoy.

Before the kids lined up to wash their hands for lunch, they got in a circle with Riley in the middle to sing her Happy Birthday, fancy style with music.

Notice anyone that got treated like a big kid?  Right next to the birthday girl?  Lucky duck!
(Speaking of the Ducks...enter sad face here.)

Yep, she's four alright.  Three birthday parties later I think it finally hit me.

At least this one is still a little toddler terror.

Riley really enjoyed her special day at preschool.  I think she has a hard time sometimes when all the attention is on her.  She must get that from me.  Now that she's four, she's definitely bigger.  But not as big as me yet.  That's when I remind her to just say tall.  I don't want to be known as "big". =)

And I'll leave you with the greatest "mystery" of all time.  Why do kids take a delicious looking cupcake like this...

And only eat half?

I think my Mom knows the answer to that question. 



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