Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Good Place

I'm in a really good place right now.  I'm so happy.  It might have something to do with the fact that I have one more order to finish end of November and then I'm done until January.  My 60 hour work weeks will be nonexistent.  And I'm not joking about the 60 hours either, sometimes it is more.

I will get to spend so much quality time with the girls.  No more, "Mommy can't color with you right now, I have to work."  And watching Riley sadly walk away to go color alone.  Do you know how that rips out my heart?  Well come December it will be pink pancake mornings, afternoons at the park, and bedtime stories at night.  The holidays will be awesome this year.  I'm looking forward to so many events planned.  I know it's high expectations but I'm planning for this year to be top 5 of holiday years...which will be hard to beat since most of my top 5 holidays include my Papa, it'll be hard to kick one out for a year that he's not with us.  He was big around the holidays, I mean big.  It still feels like someone is missing every Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Not to mention every other day of the year.  Now I'm getting sad, off to change the subject.

Tim and I have a huge project that we are planning on getting done before Christmas.  It's the bonus room.  I want to have Christmas morning at our house and I can't have 15 people in my front room comfortably.  So, we are planning on purchasing a new leather sofa for downstairs and moving the sectional that we have down there upstairs.  We also are planning an entire wall of storage to hide all the toys.  I'll give you visuals here, sorry about the mess, I had quite a few kids over here this morning...

This is where the wall of storage will be, it's the right side of the room when you walk in.  I'm thinking a seat in the middle with storage under and a painted window that looks like the inside of a castle and the view out the window will be the Disney castle (to honor my Papa - that's what Tim said last night, sniff, sniff he makes me cry), with maybe Tink and of course Mickey Mouse somewhere in the castle.  Bookshelves on either side with cabinetry underneath.

Imagine the sectional here where the sofa is under the window.  The chaise will be against that far wall.  BTW...anyone need a sofa?

Across from the sectional is where we will put the entertainment center.

Want to see the sectional we are buying??  I said that I don't like leather.  It looks nice but I HATE sitting on it.  Of course I said I hated microfiber too and here I am buying my second couch in a fabric I'm not to fond of.  Oh well!!  Here it is...

We found it at Jerome's.  I think it's one of my new favorite places.

We definitely need something we can wipe down for downstairs because of the kids.  The sofa we have right now will show the tiniest drop of water and to clean it, I have to clean the entire sofa cushion, it's a pain in my butt.  I think it will save the sofa we have now too and keep it in really good condition.  It's very exciting!

It's exciting for another reason too.  With actually doing the bonus room, that means that we will not be making half of it into a bedroom for a new baby.  From the moment that we moved into this house I've been trying to figure out where we would put another baby.  I didn't want to give up my bonus room or guest room downstairs.  Plus there is no way I'd put a small child downstairs alone.  So I've basically been thinking about moving out of this house into a bigger house by the time we have a new baby.  Crazy right?  Well we have a plan for a new baby.  When that time comes, which won't be anytime soon (don't worry Mom, stop sweating and get a hold of yourself, seriously), we plan on putting the 2 girls together in Riley's room and giving the new baby Madi's room.  Riley's room is definitely big enough and with a bonus room full of toys, they won't need that much space.  They hardly play in their rooms as it is.  What do you think?  I'm excited.  I feel like I can finally relax in this house and live here for many more years.  For a while I was thinking, why put more money into this house and make it ours if we will be moving out to have another baby.  Now, I can take my time and make this house perfect for us and not feel rushed about things.  I love this house.  It's awesome and with our plans, it will be that much better!

It's exciting too because we won't have to wait as long as I thought to have another baby...all we have to do now is buy a bigger vehicle!  Once again Mom, just because I'm talking babies doesn't mean that we are having one right now.  Think a year okay, before we even "try" to get pregnant.  Wow that woman has issues...

It's good stuff people.  Life seems to be falling into place.  I have a hold on my "second" job, increasing my prices has helped and not taking so many orders has helped.  Last week was an exception though, I took on to many orders, one accidental, and one on purpose.  Sorry, can't say no to a single Dad planning these awesome parties for his children.  Plus it was a spiderman cake?! Can't pass that up!  I ended up pulling an all nighter but it was well worth it!  With the help of my fabulous, talented hubby it turned out to be one of my favorite cakes! 

Anyway, life is good right now.  December is going to be so wonderful.  I'll be able to keep my house insanely clean, laundry will be kept up with, dinners will be cooked....oh let me tell you, dinners will be awesome.  I plan on doing so much cooking, and trying so many new recipes.  Watch out bloggers, I will be posting the good ones.  I so miss cooking.  I still cook, but not anything new and cooking is a passion of mine.  I love it!

Now....if only I could finish my Christmas shopping before December 1st....I'd be in good shape!!


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