Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Give Me Something Good to Eat

Trick-or-treating. Went......okay. Well trick-or-treating went good, but the crazy child I call Riley had a bit of a melt down before we headed out. I had to find the pumpkins for the kids to fill up with candy. I found the 2 from last year (I didn't really have to find them, I knew where they were), but I had to find something for Paige as well. Found her a pink Easter basket. Well, Paige was excited about the pink basket and Riley wanted the pink basket. I told Riley no. Paige told her she could use it. I still said no because of the gigantic fit Riley was throwing. Which resulted in an even bigger fit, full of crying and messing up of her painted mask. I guess I'm not a Mom that gives in to the fits, I never have been. It's probably a bad thing, I don't know.

After I made Riley go back into the house alone to get her tears out, I followed and had a conversation with her, put candy in her pumpkin, and we were good to go. Got a few pictures taken and we headed out.

Before the gigantic crying hysterics, the girls had a spot of tea up in Riley's room. Here you have Riley the Superhero (don't tell her she was really Super Girl because I didn't have time to make an "R" patch) and Belle (you guys know Belle, she's into beasts that turn into princes?)

Riley getting her mask on....Mommy did the pink and handed the brush over to Daddy to give it flair while I dressed the littlest one.

Princess Belle...

Riley is still not too happy....

It is getting better...

 There it is!!!

The kids were excited this year to go out and trick-or-treat. It was hard keeping Riley from running ahead. She's still so little even though she's turning into a kid. I felt like I yelled at her the entire night to slow down. You know how it is, it's Halloween, there are cars, crazies, you never know what could happen. She did good though and had a really good time. Madi too, that girl was all about the candy. Some neighbors know how much she was into the candy...I think she went back for fourths? I don't know, and I didn't teach her that either, even though I can't keep my hand out of their Halloween candy. I tell you I can't stop eating the stupid stuff. Remember Kristi....a bunch of little candy bars equals one big gigantic candy bar!

And there you have it....I hope you enjoyed trick-or-treating with the Rush's!


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