Monday, November 8, 2010

A Blogger Tip

I just recently helped a friend with her background and I thought I'd pass on the info.  She had started to use the new template designer in blogger.  This can be a disaster!!  So I went into her blog and I changed her html code the hard way, not realizing that you can return to the old blogger templates much easier.  I thought I'd share this info in case there is anyone out there that would love to change their blog back.

Let's start here....

To get here, go to your Dashboard, click Design, and then edit HTML.  It will take you to this screen.  What you are going to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Select Layout Template.

After you do that, it will take you to a very familiar screen that we all remember when we first started our on the minima template.  It is the easiest template to adjust and personalize.  Make sure you hit save template.

Now go ahead and view your blog to see if the changes have taken place...if you do it correctly, you will see that your blog will be like this again (probably without the Halloween background)...

Here is where it gets fun.  Now you can personalize your blog by changing the column sizes to whatever you want!  You can play around here and adjust your columns to fit the extra large blogger pictures, change it so that you have 3 columns, change it to 1 column, change it so that your blog has a barely there outer wrapper(like mine), change it so the smaller column is on the left side, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  If you want to change your blog to any of these suggestions and you don't know how, I can walk you through it.

Follow the instructions on this screen if you want a 2 column blog that supports bloggers extra large pictures, this is a very popular layout.  Just note that when you go to change your background with The Cutest Blog on the Block or another background offering site, you can only choose the 3 column backgrounds.

Now go back to design and the edit html tab.  In the box is your html code.  You will scroll down until you see these numbers....

Next you might want to adjust your header so that it is bigger, find this in your html code and make the changes.

You also might want to change your footer size too...find it and change as well.

I hope this helps some peeps!  At least now if you want to play around with the template designer, and don't like it, this tutorial can help you back to your original blog look.  Happy blogging!!



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