Monday, November 10, 2008

Backyardigans or Bust

It was a bust. The night started out really good, Riley knew something was going on but she didn't know what. There were kids running around everywhere, and you could hear the occasional scream that would sneak out of an overly excited kid. I thought she was going to love it. We got to our seats, and they were good seats, the best we could get because I wanted Riley to be close enough so that it would hold her attention. Then we took a couple pictures and waited for the show to start, which by the way, was the longest 15 minutes of my life. They turned out the lights and the first act began and Riley had already seen enough.

 I have a scaredy cat for a daughter, I should have known when she was afraid of a leaf that she wouldn't like it. So two minutes into the first act, Riley and I leave because she is crying so loud. So Grandma, Mom, and Madison watched the entire first act without us. I thought, when I brought Riley out, I'd see a couple other parents with their kids. Nope. Riley was the ONLY one that was afraid. There was no other kid in the entire place that was scared of the Backyardigans. And don't say she was too young, there were kids her age that loved it. We were the only people that left at intermission to go home. It was fun. I was so disappointed because I really thought she would love it. And, it was a darling show, I would have loved to have seen more than two minutes of it. So the moral of the story is, don't bring your kids to something that costs more than ten dollars a person if they can't tell you themselves that it sounds like something they'd love to do.

Getting her hair done by mommy.

We started out the day getting her a new outfit for her very first play.


On our way in.

I thought she was going to love it because she saw this poster of the Backyardigans and got so excited.

Me and the girls looking at the big screen in the theater. She was still excited at this point.



We ended up dropping Riley off with Tim, and went out to dinner. Our plans included dinner after the show with Riley, but she lost her privileges. JK, she was really tired.

My mom's best Uniqua impression

Madison and I, Madison still snoring. She loved the show by the way, and her ticket was free!!!



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