Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Cake

I had three more orders for this weekend but one of them got cancelled. The guest of honor got sick and the party was a bust. It was going to be a birthday cake for two people. One was going to be 37 and the other 84, and they are both named Joe. It was probably a good thing that it got cancelled because I'm really busy right now. My in laws are in town so it makes it hard to work and do cakes and handle the babies and entertain. Of course, I'm not doing much baby watching because they are totally in love with the girls, I'm only the boob. I feed Madison and give her back. It's really nice to have so much help. Too bad they were not here when Madison was just born. Tim of course had to go back to work as soon as two days after we had her, so I was doing it alone with the two girls. But, they are good girls, and I was able to do a lot with them, you know me, I can't stay in the house for longer than a minute so we were going places from day two!! Anyway, I got off the subject at hand, here are the pictures of my weekend projects.

The first party I did was for a first birthday. The theme was jungle animals with bright bold colors. It was so fun to do these wild colors. Usually I'm doing more pastel colors so it was cool to have a different order.

These are the cookies. I did monkeys, lions, crocs, and ones. The ones are animal print and they match the balloons at the party. I posted a picture of my inspiration for the ones.

The cake was frosted in buttercream and the zebra stripes were made out of royal icing. The animals that are on the cake are a puzzle toy that the baby can play with after the cake is all eaten and forgotten.

And, the smash cake. Our client wanted a monkey on top of the smash cake because she calls her son her little monkey. Too cute!!

The woman behind the cake!! My brother always gets a picture of me peeking behind the back drop. We always get a good laugh out of it!!

The second party I did this weekend was for a baby shower. The theme was trains and stars. I made the train and stars out of fondant and decorated with butter cream. I loved the colors of this cake. So fun.



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