Monday, November 10, 2008

Reading With Daddy

All of a sudden Riley is talking so much more. She still talks in her own language but more and more she is repeating words that we say. Last night she pulled out all of her books and read with Daddy and told him all about the pictures she saw. She's getting so big. Maybe I'm just noticing it more because there is a newborn in the house.



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I'm Kristi, the wife of one very lucky and handsome husband, and mother to two beautiful little girls. I'm honest and sarcastic, funny and easy going. I love to eat and love to hate that I love butter. And wine. And did I mention butter? I'm always learning new things, happy to lend a hand, and love my life. This is a blog of my family and the day to day crazy that we call Rush Hour. I hope while you are here that you enjoy yourself and come back often!

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The Rush Family

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