Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Festivities

I can't believe how many times I've posted this week.  It's crazy.  I think this might mean that I might just keep this here blog current.

But, I've said that before...

Easter weekend was filled with fun and joy.  We started on Saturday by coloring eggs with the girls.  It's so funny because it takes longer to prep for this little activity then to actually finish it.

The girls had fun this year.  But they missed Grandma and Pop Pop.  And GiGi, and BaBa.  It was a last minute thing, and only lasted about ten minutes.  Tim had been working in the garage all day because he started up a little side business.  Check him out on Facebook.  It's called Studio Nine33.

That was my little advertisement, you won't hear about it again.  Well.  Maybe.

Here are a few pics of egg decorating.  Not much, but you get the idea.

Madi made this next egg for Mommy and Daddy.  Can you believe how good her writing is for a 3 year old? ;)

The girls stickered the eggs up after they dried.  And I mean stickered.

Sunday morning came and we were up at 7:00 am for our egg hunt.  Yes, we celebrate the Easter bunny, but we keep it all separate.  My kids know the real meaning of Easter, and they learned even more at church after we got all prettied up.

I have no problem keeping some magic in the holidays.  I always loved it as a kid and I know mine will too.  I knew the real meaning behind the holidays, and we always celebrated that first.  Riley tells Madi all about Jesus, and how "you have to be good, so that He will take you up with Him one day."  I love that.  Oh, and our Sunday service was great.  We actually tried a new church this year, the same one that Riley goes to preschool at, and loved it!  Plus we know some peeps that go there, and some that want to go there.  Hoping that we found a place to call home!

After church, we headed to the folks with some donuts.  It's tradition.  We took a few family pictures that I will share later.  My Mom has them on her camera, and this is her reminder to get them on picassa... :)

After donuts, we went home, changed, picked up the deviled eggs and bread that I made for our dinner, and headed right back!

The girls got some gifts from the Great Grandmas, and Grandma and Pop Pop and had a fun time playing with their new toys.

Of course one of the favorite gifts is ALWAYS bubbles!  Thanks GiGi!

And you know, I've seen some great pictures of bubbles, and every time I try to get my own, it's crazy windy. That's the best I got!

I don't know if you read my Mom's blog...but they have been doing a lot to their already amazing backyard.  Something that they just got semi finished, is the horseshoe pit.  And, we tried it out.

And by we, I mean myself included.  They tried to get me to throw from the "girl" line.  I was offended at first.  But I will throw by the man's line by the end of summer.  And rock it out too!

Just got to get my guns in order.

The day was awesome, my Mom's dinner was awesome, and it was so relaxed.  Just perfect.  I hope you ALL had a great Easter!



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