Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Play dates, a Camera Bag, Food, and Some Other Stuff

Have I told you that I'm addicted to Pinterest yet?  The recipes are awesome, home decor ideas are amazing, and I even got some hair style ideas.

Which I tried one of those styles tonight.  Now I can't link back to it, because it's something I never pinned.  At least I don't think I did.

Basically, after my shower tonight, I sectioned out my hair and then did little buns all over my head.  Apparently, it leaves you with curls in the morning when you take them out.  AND I was pinning my last bun on my head, I realized that what I was doing was exactly what my Mom used to do on us when we were little.  Except for we called it rags.  Because you took strips of fabric (from old clothing, hence the name "rags"), tied them at the bottom of a section of hair, rolled them up, and then tied them in place.

I had to giggle.  Stacy, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Ah, anyway, I'll let you know how it turns out.  You probably won't see a picture, because, well, for many reasons...but I'll let you know if it works.  And I thought it would be a good idea to do tonight so that my hair doesn't take forever to do tomorrow.  We have a play date.  With my favorites :)

Speaking of play dates...Riley and I are booked up.  We are play date queens.  And what I love about it, is that the other Mom's that we have play dates with, have the play dates as much for the kids as they do for themselves.  We hang out while the kids play, and it's so much fun.  I found some great friends through these Moms, and Riley has some great friends through her preschool too.  They all get along so well.  Unfortunately, they will all go to different schools next year.  But I really don't think that will stop the play dates!

My friend Erin came over last week with her beautiful little girl Savannah.  And I thank Savannah for being so polite and smiling at my camera.  While the other two hoods gave me the stink eye...

Thank you Savannah, you have wonderful manners!

Erin and I went to an estate sale last Friday.  She invited me on Thursday and I really didn't know what to expect.  But I found a great find.  At least I think it's a great find.  I found an old "vintage" camera bag.  Complete with a few filters.  All for 15 buckaroos.  No picture of it, but I will get one soon to you.  I love it.

Next up...the backyard.  We I've decided that since we have a daughter with a coloring problem, and by coloring problem, I mean she colors on walls, furniture, herself, the car, and rugs, that it would be a very bad idea to buy a brand new sectional for upstairs.  She's already colored on the slip cover on our sofa up there now.  And she doesn't care.  No matter what the consequence.  She.  Doesn't.  Care.  That Madison, argh, she's getting me back.  I know it.  There was an incidence...when I was about 3 I think.  It involved a permanent black marker.

Anyway, back to the yard.  It needs a lot of work.  I've pinned a few ideas that I found and I'll share those with you later.  So instead of a new sectional...we are thinking patio cover and other things for the yard.

We did plant some flowers in the planter down below the unruly hill.  And it looks very nice.

Once they grow in a bit more I'll share more pictures.  

Since we planted and cleaned up some of the yard, it feels so much better.  The girls ride their scooters back there daily.  Mostly before dinner and a little after.  I go out with them after dinner and watch them do their "tricks".  Or offer up my lap when someone is too tired to ride.

See those cute little (worn) shoes?  Madi has to wear those when Riley has her sparkly Toms on.  Madi calls these her Toms.  And, the only reason Riley got Toms is because they were a gift from her BFF Zoe for her birthday.


I know :)

So are you ready for some food?  I knew you were.  I've been cooking up a storm.  Mostly all new recipes.  Because I love trying something new.

First up, something for the kids...

They are Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast cups.  I found the pin here...and this is the website with the recipe.  Riley and Madi love these.  I bought more ingredients yesterday to make a big batch to freeze half.  They have been requested.

I also made some stuffed peppers, here they are before the cheese...

Now, I don't know how good they are, and I made them with half ground beef, and have ground turkey breast.  I think they would be amazing with sausage, but I'm watching what WE eat.  I asked my Mom to take them off my hands because I started to not feel good about an hour after I put them in the crockpot.  She said that they were really good.  Pin is here.  Recipe from website is here.  And wait till you see the picture of them on the website. will know why I wanted to make them :)

And last but not least, these beauties are my new pasta bowls that my Mama (and Dad, don't want to leave him out) bought me for my birthday.  I'm 30 by the way.  And I love it.  Anyway, my Pottery Barn pasta bowls...

Four in a set and they all say something different.  I love them.  The first dish I made for these bowls I actually shared with my Mom...she came over for dinner.

I made Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

It was AMAZING!!!  Light and delicious!  Pin was found here.  And recipe from website is here.

So, I guess that is it for now.  We planted our little garden which I'll share pictures of at a later date, once everything gets a little more impressive.  And...yeah, that's it!

Signing off.



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