Thursday, April 26, 2012

Party!!! and A Garden Pallet


I hope you've been well.  We have been great.  The weather has been a little weird like it can't make up it's mind, but I'm okay with that.

Last weekend was really fun.  My Dad left for a men's fishing trip on Thursday so that evening my Mom came over and we threw some dinner together.  My Mom brought over a pasta dish ready for reheating, and I threw together a salad, and I also had enough stuff to make a bruschetta.  So before we knew it, we had ourselves a little party!

Then on Saturday, we had a birthday party to go to for one of Riley's friends.  The kids had such a fun time, as did we.  They had one of those jump houses with like a water slide in it.  The kids didn't want to ever leave.  We had a pretty good time ourselves too, but we had a date night scheduled.  You can't mess with date night right?

So we were able to get the kids out of that birthday party only by bribing them with Grandma's house.  I couldn't believe we got out of there without a breakdown.  But we did :)

After a quick stop at home we brought the kids to my Mom's, who watched them overnight too by the way!  She's a saint!

We took a picture of us...

Which, by the way, I loved my dress.  The only missing accessory was a tan.  Just had to throw that in there :)  And my hubby looks so handsome in his fedora.

After a quick beverage with my Mom we headed out in this bad boy...

Well not really.  That picture is from a date night we had last month.  Tim is able to borrow cars every once in a while from work to use, and he brought home this E class.  Wowzers, those cars are absolutely gorgeous.  I never knew why someone would actually spend that much money on a car, but now I know.  Holy smokes.  Talk about luxury.

Back to the date night.  Are you ready for this?  Tim and I originally thought it would be fun to get a room in Temecula and go to our favorite winery and to dinner.  But everything was booked, and I really wasn't okay spending a ton of money on a room.  So we were going to head out there anyway, but decided to keep it local.  Went to Taps.  Thought we would split an appetizer pizza and have a beverage then head to RA for some dinner.

But after our dinner we were full.  So, um, we went home.  And put on jammies.  What???  I know.  Craziness.  See, we could have gone to see a movie, but I am not the biggest fan of going to see movies on date night.  Because I can't talk to my husband.  It's just personal preference.  I like our conversations.

But then we ended up at home.  With our jammies on.  And stared at each other.  Like, I can't believe this is what our date nights have come to, how old are we?  So after about 45 minutes of just staring at each other, I said, "GET YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON, WE ARE GOING OUT!!!"

And we did, and it turned into a fabulous night!  Went to RA to split a roll, and then got a text from a friend asking what we were up too, and we ended up meeting her and her hubby out for some pool playing.  So much fun.  Thank goodness our date night didn't end up with us drooling on each other on the sofa.

That would have been pathetic...

So want to see my Garden pallet?

Well you can't see all of it, because I don't have a picture of the finished product.  I picked up my camera the other day and realized that I hadn't taken pictures in forever.  By the way, if you ever wonder why I haven't posted in a while (because you love my blog and look forward to every new post), it's because I have no pictures to share, because I'm lazy.  :)  

Back to the pallet.  We started with this...

The pallet underneath the pallet on top, was a stolen one from behind Walmart.  Yes, we stole from Walmart.  Well, I didn't.  But my hubby did.  We are thieves.  But after getting it back to the house, we realized that it just wouldn't work for what I was trying to do, so after I dripped some "Kelp" paint on it, we decided that we would return the stolen property.  Because that pallet on top we found somewhere else, where they actually gave it to us.

Don't worry, we would never make a habit of stealing pallets.  You don't have to guard your pallets.  We will not be coming for them.

They are safe.

I found this idea on Pinterest (of course), but didn't do it exactly the way they suggested.  Because I didn't want to read that many directions.

We picked up a few herbs, because this is my herb garden, and some flowers to fill in.

I now have cilantro, basil, chives, thyme, oregano, lavender, arugala, and mint.  They were out of parsley but I will get some soon.  We also got some strawberries for the top of our pallet when we get the guts to actually stand it up.  It's been planted and settled for almost 2 weeks, and it might not ever make it to a vertical garden like we had planned.  We'll see.

So anyway, we bought some paint...

And I must have looked like an idiot because I took my paint chips of all different colors and took them to the herbs in Home Depot.  And decided that Kelp would look the best with my herbs.

Then I painted...

Here is what the color looks like on the pallet.  It's very muted, but it looks gorgeous now, because I didn't want my paint color to take away from the beautiful colors of the herbs.

Next step was to have the hubby put the landscaping fabric backing on.  

And he had 2 helpers.  And resorted to nails after our staples ran out.

Now I know that picture is blurry.  But scroll back up to it, you can barely see it but Madi and Tim both are licking their lips while concentrating.  When Tim is doing any kind of paintwork, artwork, or handyman stuff like this, he always is licking his lips and playing with his mouth.  Apparently we have a tiny Tim.  See it?  I can't believe I caught it, because she does it all the time when she's coloring.  So cute.

The girls also helped us in the front yard.  

I don't know how many times I've replanted flowers in our front.  Every time I do, I just hate the way it looks when they start growing in.  We must be picking some really weedy looking plants.  So 2 weekends ago I ripped almost everything out.  Tim made my planter bigger and gave it shape, and I bought a few shrubs and stuff.  I am loving the way it looks.  I will take a picture to show you later.

I know, back to the pallet.  You're not going to be very happy because I only have one picture left.  It's of our pallet with dirt in it.  Ready for planting.

It really does look beautiful you guys!  I can't wait for you to see it, so once we have a pretty sunny day, I'll take one.  And our veges are growing like crazy in the backyard too!  And we are putting in a pool because we got such an amazing refund from the government!!  Just kidding, but we do have enough to build a patio cover, which is pretty dang good if you ask me!

We have tons to look forward to over here in Rush Hour.

Like Tim gets to work day shift the ENTIRE month of May to restructure the way they do everything.  Let's hope they like him down there enough to keep him there.  I would love that!!

So peace out ya'll.



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