Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mommy Easter Shoot

It had been a couple of years since I took the girls out for a little photo shoot in their Easter dresses, so I decided that we just had to do it again this year.

We went to Riverwalk in Riverside off of Pierce last Friday and it did not disappoint.  The lighting was super yummy and the girls did pretty good.  Despite their new fear of bugs, and I mean all bugs, I got some pretty pictures.

I took most of these with my 35 mm 1.8, and I was really missing my 50 mm 1.4.  But, I finally called Nikon and they said that they can fix it.  Or they are 99% sure that they can.  If you don't remember what happened to it, I drove away with my camera on my truck and well, you can imagine what happened next.

As soon as I get a minute, I'll be sending my lens to Nikon to see what they can do with it.  And I'm not going to tell them that I took the entire thing apart myself to see if I could fix it.  :)  Don't worry, I didn't damage it.

And before you look at the pictures, yes, the answer is yes, the girls have a bit of makeup on.  And I wasn't going to, but they love hair and makeup before a photo shoot.  They just feel pretty when I'm taking pictures of them.  Sorry Mom, I know you hate the lipgloss...but honestly I thought most of it would be wiped away by the time we got there.

Next time we will not do makeup.  I promise :)

I also cut both girls hair, which went much better than last time.  And I even tried my hand at layering.  I surprised myself but the tutorial I found online was pretty good.  And Riley's hair looks so short!  But it's not, I only took an inch and a half off, but I curled it so it looks shorter.

I hope you are ready for some pictures, but don't worry, if you've already seen them on Facebook, I posted only half.

This one is blurry, but soooo Madison, it had to be on here!

Well, that's it.  You can see the rest of them on my Facebook page if we are friends!  I can't believe how old my girls are.  And so beautiful, I'm allowed to say that by the way.  And how much cuter would these pictures be if there was a little baby brother chasing after them?  



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