Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Events

I know, I know, 2 times posting in 1 day.  I'm on a roll, and actually enjoying it!  I even have one more post I need to work on to post in a couple of days.  It has something to do with a picnic.

We had a pretty good weekend.  The pictures that you see are from Sunday.  Tim and I spent a couple hours out in the front yard cleaning it up and stuff.

Friday evening I had some neighbor friends over for cupcakes and wine.  It's always a good time when they come over but we found out some sad news.  Ms. Megan, Madi's daycare provider (we only use her on some Fridays, but still) will be moving.  I'm so sad.  She is not only great with all the kids she watches but she is a friend.  I'll be sad to see her go but I know it's for the best, and it's not until October.

I know one little girl that is going to be pretty upset about this.  But I'm not going to tell her.  She'll thank me for it later.

Saturday was kind of a bum day.  Tim had to work until 4:30 and then I headed over to my Mom's house to pick up my Grandma to stay with us for the evening.  My Mom was out of town to Rock Creek and Grandma was going to be alone for the night.  We can't have that.  So, I told her payment for use of the guest bedroom was tomatoes from my Mom's garden.  She didn't disappoint.

We had open face grilled cheese on sour dough with fresh tomatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon pepper.  OMG.  I told Tim my mouth will be raw the entire summer.  I will eat those tomatoes until they are gone.

After a lovely evening, we all headed off to bed.  I had a cake tasting in the morning for 6 people.  Yes, that is a lot to have at a cake tasting.  Good thing it only lasted an hour and I was done at 11:30.  Madi went to bed, Riley had "quiet" time and Tim and I went to work on the front yard.

We cleaned up our side planter that heads to the back of the house.  I can't wait to get the palm trees out of that and plant something that I like.  I cleaned up my flowers in the front.  I see a trip to Home Depot in my future.

Tim's hosing down our front porch in this next picture. 

Do you like my little bistro? I repainted that about 4 months ago. It was white paint and the top wood had faded a lot. It just looked kind of tired. So, I painted the iron black and stained the top. It looks so fresh now!  I also don't know yet what I want to do in front of it.  I think we want a raised planter so we don't want to plant grass in that dirt area until we know.

After we were done with the yards, Tim took on his next project.  He recently brought home 2 dirt bikes that he needs to fix.  They belong to one of his friends and they gave Tim the go ahead to ride them whenever he wants once they are fixed.  His friend doesn't ride them anymore but doesn't want to get rid of them.

So before he could start working on them, he had to give them a bath.  We went down to Home Depot and hired a couple of workers to wash the small bike.

They did it in their skivvies.

And really worked hard.  So hard that their boss was pleased.

And gave them both a little ride!

It's funny that they actually got on that bike.  Both of them are very, very scared of the noise from the motor when they are on.

Tim took off on the big bike down the street just to give it a test drive and Riley broke into tears, "Oh no my Daddy, he's getting lost!"

Too cute. 

We cleaned up for the second time yesterday and headed back over to pick up Grandma for dinner.  We ate at Oggi's.  Love that place.  The food is so good.  Grandma and I both had the tequila chicken pasta because we like things spicy.  It did not disappoint!

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