Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picnic for 4

By now you have probably noticed that I have gone comment free.  I posted about why I was doing this in an earlier post if you want to check it out.  It's at the end of the post here.

Yesterday the girls and I decided it would be a really good idea to have a picnic.  Seeing as how Mondays are my busiest of days, I had to squeeze it in while I was waiting for my payrolls to be released back to me.

We decided to dine in our front yard.

Riley decided on our lunch menu.  She went with an egg salad sandwich, cheese its, and apple slices.  A capri sun to drink was chosen by Madi.

Riley wanted to invite a special guest.  I told her that would be okay. 

But then I was told that this special guest was going to need to eat lunch too.  I thought really?  It kind of reminded me of this time.  Riley's imagination kills me.  She always surprises me with what she comes up with.

So, being the awesome Mom that I am, I went ahead and made Tinker a special small sandwich.  Just her size.  She thanked me, such manners that Tinker has.

Riley has been missing preschool.  She spends her days coloring, playing Mommy, and practicing her letters.  She brings me pictures with letters written down at the bottom and tells me what they say.  "This means that when you got married to Daddy at Grandma's house, I really loved you then."

She also tells Daddy..."Are you home today?  Are you all done with the moneys?  So you don't have to work today?  Yes!"

She's growing up, and she's a sweet girl.  You know when she tells me she loves me?  If I'm making her food, or I'm making a cake.  Those are the times she loves me the most.  But she "doesn't love me at Grandma's house.  She loves Grandma at Grandma's house." 

That's okay with me though.  This one always loves me.

And she should.  Because she's terrible.  And I haven't given her back yet.  Talk about trouble.  That girl is the definition of.

She loves to get under her sister's skin.  But wants to be just like her.

She repeats everything that Riley says.  It reminds me of the brothers on The Sandlot.  She is still in her crib even though she's been getting in and out of it for months now.  I don't think I'm ready for this little crazy to have freedom.

She will definitely take advantage of it.  I'm thinking she might crib it up until she's at least 12.  Or until she starts going potty on the big girl potty.

She's smarter then me.  The way her mind works is amazing.  "Madi, did you know that big girls that go potty on the toilet get to wear undies and have big girl beds?"  Mad: "Uh huh."  "And babies go poopy and pee pee in their diapers, it's so gross."  Mad: "I know, it's gross, blah."  "So Madi, are you a baby, or are you a big girl?"  Mad: "Oh, I'm a baby Mommy, I love my diaper.  No potty on the toilet.  I love my diaper.  I don't want to go potty on the toilet."

Really?  Because you can talk to me in sentences and tell me why you don't want to.  And you bring me your diapers and tell me to, "Change my stinky diaper Mommy.  Pee you.  I stink."  Really?  I mean really?

I even got her excited about undies at Target one day.  I told her she could only buy them if she went potty on the toilet.  She handed me the undies and said, "put them back, get diapers."

It will happen, and it's actually kind of funny how different this is then potty training Riley was.

Have you forgotten that this post was about a picnic in our front yard?  Well, I'll quickly remind you that we are on a picnic.

We finished our lunches off with a slow melting popcycle.  I had orange.

They were pretty good.  And it was a nice break from working.  It's one of the things I love most about working from home.  I'm able to take a lunch break in my front yard with my pretty girls.

How many people can say that they can do that?

It was one successful picnic.  With pretty good views.



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