Friday, June 24, 2011

THE Family Reunion

There are lots of pictures to accompany this post, just giving you fair warning, if you'd like to skip out now, here's your chance!

Tim's family has the best family reunions.  They do it once a year and Tim's cousin Shauna and her husband Dave always host it.  They have a huge property and gorgeous home out in Chowchilla.

This year, Tim and I were lucky enough to take my Grandma and Grandpa Kelley's RV.  We actually bought it from them that same week.  Long story but let's just say, Tim and I were not ready to buy a motorhome for at least another 2 years, but the opportunity arose and we just couldn't pass it up.  Tim and I both grew up with RV's / Trailers and have been wanting to start some camping memories with our girls.  We already have a trip planned for the middle of July up to Rock Creek with my Mom and Dad.

We got up to the reunion on Friday night along with the other "cool" people, Brian and Nicola and stayed till Sunday around noon. 

This next lady sure was happy to see us the kids.  We are hoping Tim's Mom and Dad will be coming to visit soon....hint...hint...

Can you believe that she hates that picture?  I think it's gorgeous, and I think she's gorgeous. 

We definitely had a few of these...

And some of us got caught doing something naughty a lot.  And threw fits when was told no.  I'm not one to name names on this blog, but...

and boy am I glad she didn't go into the back very often where 2 of the older girls (Paige and Breanna) found some mud to play with.  If Madi had found this mud, it would have taken me the entire weekend to clean her up.

She would have been swimming in it.  It's like the perfect size mud puddle for Madi.  I could have probably put a baby fence around this whole area and left her for the day.

The guys spent a lot of time playing horse shoes and talking man talk.

The men folk (Timmy and Brian) also had a good time playing with little pink bats...

and putting on a circus show for us.

The women folk did a lot of watching the children, playing with our cameras (this is part of Nicola)...

And bringing our apple cider moon shine down to where the guys shot guns and drove golf balls. If you are thinking to yourself that this sounds like a red neck reunion, well, it kind of is. And I look forward to it every year. It is always the best time. I've always been more of a country laid back chick then a city girl. So this reunion fits me like a glove.

Yeah, this is just awesome.  And this is Shauna.

Riley was there too I promise, but her and Shauna's youngest girl got along great, they spent the day together and played hard.  Can you tell from the look of Riley?

After shooting guns at golf balls, skeet, and bud lights, we headed over to the karaoke area to listen to the talented family.

And some of the family that embraced karaoke to the fullest.  This is Shauna's hubby Dave.

I think one of the things I like most about Tim's family is the love they have for one another.  It is so fun to see and be a part of.

The sun was going down and the men were trying to get as many horse shoe games in as they could before dark.

Let me just tell you about my husband.  He is the best guy in the world.  And a little shout out because we just celebrated our 5th Anniversary.  I couldn't be more in love with him and I can't believe that I love him so much more than I did when we got married, and I thought I loved him then.  Hmm, that might be a country song.  But that is truly how I feel.  He is a one of the hardest workers I know and he's my best friend.  He makes me laugh, he makes me feel loved, and he makes me feel like there is nobody else he'd rather be with.  You know, unless he's out shooting bud light cans with his family or striking a pose.

And did I mention that he's hot?

Well, that's about it from the reunion (you're thinking, finally, this post is over...just be grateful I didn't post all 600 pictures or all 99 that I did on Facebook).

We ended the evening by putting the kiddos to bed, more karaoke, a game or two of beer pong (let me just tell you, I'm undefeated) and lots of laughs.

Thanks to Shauna and Dave for always hosting such a great time!

On a side note, just wanted to let you all know that I will probably be removing comments from my blog.  I kind of feel like when I do blog, and then go everywhere to take the time to comment (and something thoughtful that takes a moment to write) it just becomes too much for me.  As much as I LOVE your comments, I'm thinking I don't want to have to deal with that too.  I'll probably put them back on in the future and it doesn't mean that I won't comment on your blogs, just not as often.  And I want you to know that I really do enjoy reading your blogs.  This way I won't feel guilty not commenting on every single post.  Thanks for understanding and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  I just really want to keep this up for the girls to read one day and am trying to make it appealing to update again and not such a chore.  It's just an idea that might happen, and maybe not.  But I want you to know why first before I do it.



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