Friday, June 3, 2011


I'd like to tell you that I love to blog. But the reality of it is it's more of a task then a love. It's always on my to do list but it never gets done. I don't know why. Maybe it's because it's not a love of mine. I love taking pictures of my girls and blogging about the stories that go with. I don't love the time it takes to do that. Taking the pictures and thinking up the stories or words for the stories is easy. Actually getting them here to the blog is hard. Very hard for me. I'm surprised I've actually kept this blog going for as long as I have.

I know what you are thinking. Yeah right, she can't keep this thing up, her last post was in what, March? April? I can't even remember. But I do keep it up in spurts. That's something right?

It's definitely a battle. I would quit all together if my inlaws lived closer or I scrapped, or I filled in baby books like normal people. But until I finally give up all together on this thing, I'm going to keep up hope in myself that I can actually get it together and blog. AND, hold on to your hats people, (if any of you out there still read my blog), I'm thinking about starting up a separate blog, for mostly my inlaws, with videos on them.

Only videos. Let me back up, I've cleared a small spot around me of DVD-R's spread out all along my sectional. I've been looking through old video since about 5:00 pm today. There may or may not be a small pile of tissue too from all the tears. I can't believe my babies are so big. Going through all this video reminds me of how little they once were. I can't believe how big they have gotten.

Riley just had her last day of preschool today. We went to her little performance this afternoon. I didn't cry like I did last year, but my eyes welled up big time. She goes into Pre-K next year. That's what they call it. One more year until Kindergarten. Real school. Gasp. Swallow. I should NOT have gone through old video today. I can only imagine what parents go through with kids graduating Kindergarten, Sixth Grade, Intermediate school, gasp, High school, COLLEGE! Milestones are hard and exciting all at the same time.

I want to record everything that happens. So I don't forget. I guess what happens when I fall behind on the blog is just that. I fall behind, and the thought of catching up is overwhelming. I finally sit down after the kids are in bed and think....I could blog and catch up...but Tim is almost home, and I miss him. I'd much rather spend time with the hubs then edit pictures for the blog. It's much easier to snuggle on the couch and "turn off" my mind for a bit.

We've had so much fun stuff going on that will never make it on here. Like Easter, ha! Or weddings, baby showers, weekend getaways, buncos! But we will start fresh. And by we, I mean me. We'll start from today. And with whatever pictures are in my camera. I'm not going to go through the archives and tell you bits about everything.

I just imported all the photos and this is what I can give you...and by the way, no editing involved...Tim is almost home and I have no time. Well, he wouldn't mind but I like my time with him. So this will have to do.

This is the singing show that we got this afternoon.  Riley and all of her classmates.  She seems kind of tall next to some of the girls.  But she is standing next to the smallest girl in her class, which is such a cutie.  She's in Riley's dance class too (Recital coming up on the 10th).  Riley actually has made quite a few friends this year.  One little girl we've had playdates with but is not pictured.  I'm not going to name anyone's names due to privacy issues, just so you know.

And let me just tell you a few little things about Riley recently.  We go to Chick-fi-let every other Wednesday (George comes on Wednesdays and I try to keep the kids out of the house for as long as possible).  While in the playroom, Riley became friends with two other little girls.  I overheard them about 5 minutes later (which by the way, I've realized I'm one of the only parents ever that go into the room to make sure their own kids are being nice, just saying) and one of the little girls that Riley just met said something, and I looked at Riley who was looking at that little girl and she said, "You, are not, my leader....I'm the leader."  And that little girl seemed to be fine with it.  Who says that Riley?  I think it might be my fault.  We had a discussion about such things the other day.  About doing what other kids tell her to do.  She does not have to do what other kids tell her to do, Riley decides what she wants to play with and do.  She only has to listen to her teachers.  

And she is a very good student.  With great teachers.  What a pleasure it has been for me to know that her first impression of teachers has been with such wonderful ones.  Ms. Arcee and Ms. Jennifer have been outstanding.  Riley just adores them, so I wanted to do something nice for them.  We made them both vases.  I found this idea online and added my own little flare to them with the ribbon. 

And, I'm noticing that there is a pencil missing on this one.  It's in my truck.  I just knew something would fall off seeing as how I did these as fast as I could.  But, Ms. Jennifer can hot glue another pencil right there, and no one will ever know!

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for commenting, I know I haven't been commenting lately but I still check ya'll out to see what is new!  And I always enjoy reading your blogs!  Cheers to longer days, hotter days, and blogging days! 




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