Saturday, December 11, 2010

A 'Nice' Visit with My Mom's Friend


Last Saturday we headed down to Victoria Garden's to see the big guy. Riley has been wanting to go since mid November so it was a long wait.  Did you know that my Mom is really good friends with Santa?  Such good friends that Mrs. Claus sometimes had her doubts about my Mom, you know with the late night phone calls and everything.  But don't worry, my Mom and Santa are just that...friends...I never caught her kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistle toe last night.  Never ever.

Of course with Santa being so busy the whole year, with making toys and everything, my Mom only gets to see him once every December.  And can I just give a shout out to those elves?  Man their intelligence grows right along with modern technology.  Who knew that they'd go from teddy bears and train sets to ipods and ipads, and the wii.  They are some elves.

I thought it would be a good idea to get there early, to beat the crowds.  It was Saturday after all.  As hard as I tried to have everything ready to go, we were still about 15 minutes late.  It doesn't help that Riley likes her hair straight now, which is an extra 15-30 minutes give or take a fit or two.  So, we basically ran to go see Santa, only to find out that we were the only ones there, except for a family that had just gotten done seeing him.

While we waited for them to get set for us, we danced.

In case you can't tell from the picture, Madi has got some moves.  Little did she know, her horrible mother was going to make her sit on the big guy's lap...alone.

I sat first and chit chatted a bit with my Mom's good friend Santa.  We go way back too.  He always tells me what a nice girl I was, never once have I been on the naughty list. 

You can tell that even after the sucker, Madi still didn't warm up to the man in red.

This right here is what our very expensive Santa picture package looked like.  I didn't feel like scanning it and honestly, this picture that my Mom took for free looks better than what we paid for.  Weird.

Instantly after my Mom's our tearful goodbye with Santa, we realized that we did indeed have a lollipop and that we were going to make the most of it. 

You know, that Santa ain't that bad.  He's actually pretty sweet.

 You know, I asked Riley what she was going to tell Santa when he asked her if she had been nice or naughty...she replied, "Hmm, I guess I'll just go ride the train, then."  I think someone finds it hard to be honest with ones self....

But regardless, we did go ride the train...we stood in line.

Picked out the red caboose.

And we're off.

I was very excited too to ride the train.  Very.  Excited.

After the train we headed over to CPK.

About the same time at lunch, my Mom's and my camera both ran out of battery.  Very unfortunate because after lunch we went to go see the movie Tangled with Riley and after we headed to Starbucks and after that we played by the fountain and the great big Christmas tree.  We missed out on some cute pictures, but that's okay.  It was a great day, and Riley was excellent.

Mom, thank you so much for taking such awesome pictures for me!  You captured 1/2 the day beautifully!!

Now today, I'm going to start and finish my Christmas shopping.  I've been very unmotivated to go out to the stores, plus, I can't shop for everyone and be distracted by the kids.  This is the first day Tim's been able to watch them for me, as soon as he gets home from work that is.  Wish me luck, I have cash in hand and pointy elbows that I plan on using on rude shoppers.



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