Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Happenings

This past Saturday, Tim and I hosted our second annual family Christmas dinner.  My Mom was so awesome to watch the kids for me all day on Saturday so that I could finish cleaning and cooking and everything that goes along with having people over for dinner.  Thank you Mom, it helped me out so much!

She also took a few pictures of everything for me, so I can at least blog it!  The past few times I've had people over, I have had no time to take any pictures so I haven't blogged it.  I hate that! 

Let's get into the good stuff.

On the menu...

The Appetizers
Tomato and balsamic bruschetta
Brie and crackers
Antipasto platter

The Dinner
Spicy Artichoke Italian salad
Sausages and Peppers in a white wine sauce
Creamy Asiago and Chicken pasta
Garlic and Herb bread

Cream puffs
Red velvet cookies (store bought)
Mascarpone cheesecake

We had 12 people for dinner which makes for a long table.  I set my table (which seats 8), for 6 and used the 2 card tables that I later added to both ends of my table for the appetizers.  That way there was still room in there for people to actually walk around.  A little before dinner was ready, I removed the apps and set the other tables up.

It worked out perfectly.

A little visiting before dinner is always a good thing!

A few of my table.  I loved the way it turned out.  Thanks again Mom for taking pictures!

It was a great evening, with so much conversation, good food, and wonderful people.  I am so glad that it's over!  It took me 2 hours the next day to get everything back to normal, not to mention the hour Auntie Laurie took to do as many dishes as she could!  Thanks Auntie! 

Love this picture of the FU (favorite Uncle).

Sunday, Tim and I took the girls to see a movie (Tangled...again) after Madi woke up from her nap.  Boy was it hard taking the girls out in the rain!  First we ran to Target, for sneak in candy, icees, and popcorn.  Yes, I sneak stuff into the movie theater.  I do not wish to spend $30.00 for popcorn and drinks.  No thank you.  I break the rules.  That's right.  Watch out.

The girls were excellent and I would have taken my camera for pictures, but with the rain, umbrellas, and the icees in my purse, I thought it would be a bad idea. 

After the movies we drove through Starbucks to get the girls a hot cocoa and drove down the street in Corona with all the lights, don't know the name of the street but you all know which one I'm talking about.  We were pretty disappointed because half of them had their lights out already (it was 7:30), and the other street had no lights on.  NONE!  What's the deal? 

We are planning on going back on Wednesday night to walk the street with another hot cocoa.  You can never have enough hot cocoa right? 

Can you believe that Christmas is in 5 days? 
Are you done with your shopping?
Your wrapping?
Are you ready?

I am!  Except for the internet purchases that should get here today and the last minute gift my Daddy-o brought over yesterday to wrap for my Mom.  The cutoff for wrapping was Friday, but I'll make an exception.  He really needs to start getting his shopping done earlier.

6 more days to enjoy those Christmas tunes.  Better get your listening in.  I am.


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