Saturday, June 1, 2013


Is it just me, or does it seem like kids "graduate" from every grade now.  Wow.  Doesn't seem necessary to me but the kids like it.  So whatever!  

Riley graduated Kindergarten this year.  She had a great first year.  Did really well in school, had fun with friends, got an academic award last year in November or December (can't remember which), and developed her first crush.  Oh Spencer, our life before you was so dull.  Now Riley melts every time we say your name.  Riley even asked him out to dinner on Valentine's Day.  She said, "Spencer, would you like to out to dinner at a restaurant with my Mommy, Daddy, and Madi?"  Apparently, he said, "Yes!!"  But his Mom said, "No."  lol, I wish I was there to watch it all go down.

So here she is.

Blurry, pic but oh well!  The girls all had to curtsy to the audience when their name was called and walk across the stage.

Can you tell in these pictures that she has lost her first tooth?  The bottom one.  Not like "THE" bottom one.  She has more than one bottom one.  You know what I mean.

Daddy was working and couldn't attend the ceremony.  So Grandma came with us.  We don't know what happened to Pop Pop, I think he had to work as well.

I can't believe my Riley Rose will be in first grade this year.  Time sure does fly.  And this one....

will be attending Transitional Kindergarten.  Or T.K. as the "cool" kids like to say.

I'm excited for her.  She will definitely give the teacher a "bit" of attitude.  Can't wait for my parent/teacher conference.  Should be interesting :)  And I have to say, look at that hair, doesn't my baby look beautiful?

Sisterly love.  Riley just graduated preschool last year.  It was a little weird for me, Madi not getting 2 years of preschool.  She is a smart kid though and should do fine, if she doesn't get sent to the principal's office every 15 minutes :)

The kids sang a few songs for us, recited their ABCs, numbers, months, etc. and ta da!  Graduated, just like that.

They were able to go up to the microphone 1 by 1 and say something to Mommy and Daddy.  Madi told us that she loved us, and that she was ready for Geometry next year in T.K.

After the ceremony, we found our friend and took some pictures.

I just can't believe my babies are not babies anymore.  And their ages right now are perfect.  Madi has promised to stay 4 forever.  I think I'm going to hold her to that.

Happy Graduation my beautiful girls!!


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