Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sisters and Secrets

The first rule to Secret Club is to not talk about Secret Club.  Okay, just kidding.  Let me start fresh...

The first rule to secret telling is to not let mom in with her camera.  And to pout when she doesn't go away...

Secrets between sisters can be about anything.  Usually it's something funny, or something sweet.  Secrets should never be mean or cruel.  That would not make for a good secret.

Sister secrets, a lot of the time, are about princesses or fairies.  Or the occasional toot.  Because we are a little obsessed with our bodily noises right now.  We think tooting is hilarious.

And, when someone tells you a secret, you have to tell one back.  It's the cardinal rule of secret telling.  Didn't you know?

Sisters are the best and so lucky to have each other.  Sisters tell each other secrets that they keep forever.  And always have a best friend with them.    

Sisters and secrets...I sure hope they weren't whispering about me...the little boogers :)



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