Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Time on Crawley Lake

What a great summer we have had so far.  The girls are sleeping in, we are playing in the pool, going up to Mammoth, it's been busy.  But fun.

About a month ago, we all headed up to Mammoth to do some fishing, and some riding of the bikes.  And what we didn't expect is that our new friends (I should say my Mom's new friends, but seriously, I think they like us better ;) Sara and Steve would be inviting us all out on their boat.  So we packed up the truck with the essentials.  Fishing poles, people, and beer.

We were all seriously excited.  We haven't been out on a boat as a family in forever.  We used to camp at Havasu as kids, but that was many, many moons ago.

Madi screamed the first 15 minutes of being out on the boat.  It was her first time I believe.  Not cool.  We thought Sara and Steve were going to kick us off the boat.  Thank goodness they were patient with us.  Riley loved it right away.

Crawley was so much fun.  They took us to a little cove where we shored it and did some fishing.  The girls both "caught" their very first fish.  Riley is so into it.  Madi, not so much.  

Did you want to meet Sara and Steve?

Funny story about Steve.  We parked it on the boat and Steve took is shirt off to get some sun.  Madi took one look at him and said, "why are you naked Pop Pop?"  Um...first of all Madi, that is not Pop Pop.  And second of all...he's not naked.  He is on a boat, with his flippy floppies.  Catching some rays.  Anyway, Steve earned himself the name of naked Pop Pop for the remainder of the day.  Which was just as funny the 12th time someone said it as it was the 1st.

They became best friends by the way.  Here is Madi helping naked Pop Pop get the boat out of the water.

She got in the car and instantly asked him if he had any gum.  That is the first thing she asks everybody though.  Lucky for her, naked Pop Pop did have some gum.

After our great day, we headed back to Sara's house for some card playing and pizza eating.  We had such a great time.  

Can't wait till next time!



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