Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Jibberish and Some Food

Yeah, this post is going to be all over the place.  I think.  If you need to break in the middle of it to have a rest, go for it.  I'll still be here when you get back.

I've been cooking.  A lot.  Most recipes I've tried have been from Pinterest.  But not this first one.

I made a pretty good slow cooker chicken recipe that I found.  I gave the recipe a B+.  The chicken was nice and tender and it was great for a workday.  I made it with rice and corn, and tortillas for the chicken.  Kinda El Pollo Loco style.  Topped with cilantro and onion.  If I had an avocado I would have sliced that up too.  I didn't get any pictures, except for this...

That's Tim's dinner.  Whatever I make for dinner, Tim takes for dinner the next night.  You know, because of his hours?  It works out really well.  Here is that recipe...

It's from Allrecipes.  And it's one of those 5 ingredient meals that takes  2 seconds to throw together.

Here's something that I did try from Pinterest...I made these...

with this...

You put them in the freezer.  Blueberries covered in Greek Yogurt.  They were okay.  The kids like them.  Even Riley, so that's good.  She doesn't eat fruit unless it's a banana or an apple.  So I might just start dipping all kinds of fruit and freezing it.

You can find the recipe here...and it's from this blog

Now I want to go back on Pinterest and rate the recipes I have tried, on my boards.  Maybe I should use a star rating.  Hmm.  Something to think about ;)

I brought a friend of mine dinner last week Saturday.  She had surgery and it was going to be kind of hard to move around.  I thought it would be nice for them to have a hot meal.  So I made her a ziti, garlic bread, bag-o-Caesar, and some homemade cupcakes.

And I made enough for us too.  I love me some ziti!

Are you sick of food yet?  I know, how could you be?  That would be absurd.

I'll give you a break with a few pictures of the girls.  Unless you can't tell, we've been spending a lot of time at my Mom's.  I really want to share something that she did for the kids outside, but it's her thing.  And she's blogging again, so I think I'll wait.

This next picture is an, IN YO FACE!  kinda picture.  If you hide from my camera, I will post more pictures of you than if you smile at me.  Consider this a warning... :)

To the 3 of you.  That was a warning.  I'm serious.

Tim and I threw a little get together the other day.  For St Patty's Day.  We invited my parents over for a little corned beef reubens and that was all we were going to have, before we had some other guests.  Last minute thing, I invited some friends of ours over to partake in the festivities.  And as I was decorating on Saturday (I wasn't even going to decorate, it was going to be a come get some grub and go home type of deal) I thought to myself, who else can I invite last minute...because I was thinking it was time to party!  But I held back and decided that next year, we will have a major bash.  And if the weather is good, have a jumper for the kids.  Make it an annual thing.  Potluck style.  Get it?  Pot - LUCK?  Just kidding, that was really corny, haha get it, like corned beef?  Okay that's enough of that.

And here is the picture my Mom was talking about on her blog.

Hee, hee, my little leprechauns.  I love them!

The food was pretty yummy, and I made some corned beef hash and eggs with the leftovers.  I even got a picture (a very quick picture, I couldn't wait to devour it all)

No recipe for that.  I just sliced up some onion, pressed some garlic, sauteed it, seasoned it, and threw the corned beef in.  I micro'd the potatoes for a few minutes to get them going, then put them in the pan with the corned beef, along with some beef broth and then covered it for a few minutes.  Not low cal, I know, but oh so stinking good!!!  Oh yeah, and after I served the girls, I put hot sauce on the rest of it.  Mmmm.  Nothing better than breakfast for dinner.

Speaking of dinner.  Do you want to know what my stove top usually looks like, at least 3 nights out of the week?

Ask no more...

I make 2 dinners, a lot.  One for the kids and one for Tim and I.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup for the girls (along with something healthier, apples and carrots), and beef and vege stew for Tim and me.

I'm getting tired of making 2 dinners.  It's getting old.  So I've been forcing the girls to just eat what we eat.  And I would have done that tonight, but I got working on the stew pretty late.  And it was not going to be done for an hour and a half.  So grilled cheese it was.

And the stew, was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I need to put it into the weight watcher recipe to see how many points it was, but man, yum.

I found it on Foodnetwork, here.

It ended up a little on the spicy side (which I love), and I'm thinking it's because I didn't follow Emeril's Essence recipe exact.  And I was heavy handed with the cayenne pepper.

I even forgot the green beans, lol.  But it was still good :)  Thank you Emeril, you rocked my house tonight.

And one last thing before I call it a night.  We have been working in the backyard getting it ready for a few things.

I'll leave you with those few things...

 And I'll post about it another day.  Sorry to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I know.  I know.  My blog is that good.




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