Monday, October 28, 2013

What a Bunch of Terrific Kids

What happens when you have a bunch of terrific kids?

The school recognizes them at the school assembly with terrific kids awards!

They were so excited!

I'm the only Mom when her kid got a terrific kid award that said, "Awe man!"

I'm a big fan of the academic award.  Madi can't get that one this year because she is in TK.  Riley got one last year.  I was so flippin' proud.

Don't get me wrong, this Terrific Kid award is great!  And I think it is fantastic...just not as fantastic as Academics...but they have only had 2 months of award ceremonies, and my girls got some of the first awards.


Good job my little ladies!  Of course...Daddy and I already knew you were terrific!

Love you girls!



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