Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Riley's Princess Birthday Party (3rd Year in a Row)

I thought I would try to do a quick birthday post from Riley's 5th birthday party!  Thanks Mom for taking the pictures!  You are a life saver!

This was the first party that we invited actual friends for.  And it turned out fantastic.  We sent out 5 invites to some of her girl friends from school (because she's a girl, and that means she doesn't play with the boys - score one for Mommy and Daddy.  I mean, second week of preschool I think it was she pushed a little boy down the slide.  She don't take no crap from those little boys :)  Of course she did get her class picture last week from school and she pointed out some of the boys that she does like.  And which ones are CRAZY!!  lol, she cracks me up.

Back to the birthday...she ended up having 3 friends from preschool come (with their families/mommy or daddy) and she had 2 other friends outside of preschool come.  It was a nice small party and the kids had a blast!

We had set everything up at my Mom's house because our backyard is way too small to fit a jump house, and I didn't want to put it in the front yard for obvious reasons.  So her house it was!

And man what a windy day it was!  We were decorating outside the morning of up on her patio, and when we were almost done, the wind came through and swept everything away.

So an hour before the party, we rearranged everything and put the party in the outdoor kitchen.  What a difference it made on the wind!

 And balloons were popping everywhere.  What can you do about that right?

As we were decorating, I was putting up the same stuff I have put up for Madi and Riley's birthdays the past 3 years and I was kicking myself in the butt for not keeping it all.  So I think I've purchased most of these decorations on 5 different occasions.


Riley requested pizza for her party.  Little Caesars to be exact.  Thank you Riley.  You saved Mommy and Daddy lots of money there!  I also made a ziti, and my Mom made a herd of other things for it.  Appetizers, salads, etc.

I ordered the jump house a week before the party.  And I got treated like an idiot.  But hello?  First time ordering a jump house here, didn't realize most companies only have 1 of each theme.  But I found a princess one.  Phew.  We almost had to cancel the party. wink.

This is Riley and her BFF Zoe.  They exchanged Christmas presents before school was out and they both got each other BFF presents.  Isn't that cute?  Riley got Zoe a necklace, you know the kind where one wears best and the other wears friends?  I know, enter awwww here.

Time to sing to the birthday girl!

Make a wish!

Time for presents, Riley let all of her friends help her unwrap her gifts.  That was fun.

The party was a success and very relaxing.  No games, just a jumper.  Which was nice because I got to know a few of the parents that I hadn't met yet, and they are awesome.  We've already had a few play dates, and all the girls get along so well.

I can't believe my oldest is 5.  Where or where did the time go?  She's like a little adult.  And she has the sweetest heart.  I'm heading to her future Elementary School tomorrow to pick up her registration packet for Kindergarten.  It's crazy.  I looked all that info up in November of last year, thinking it was so far away.  Now it's real.  It's really real!  My baby is going to be in Kindergarten soon.  And I think she is going to do great.  I love you Riley Rose Rush!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the girl you are becoming.  You have the sweetest heart and such a kind soul.  I couldn't be happier with how you are growing up!  Love you baby!



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