Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend at the Folks'

Well, Tim's dad's surgery went really well.  Thank you for your prayers, everybody!  He is already back home as of either yesterday or the day before, I can't remember, and he is doing pretty good.  His recovery is going to be hard I think, but he is kind of a bad @$$ so, he's gonna do fine :)

It's nice to have Tim back home.  I missed him.  Surprised myself though, Thursday evening went fine, and I think I could have gone the whole weekend alone with the kids.  It's the alone with the kids at night thing that kinda freaks me out.  What if I don't hear them?  What if something happens to me?  You know, all of those scary things that probably won't happen but could happen?  But instead of being alone all weekend, the kids and I headed over to the Kelley Resort.

It was fun.  The girls loved it of course, and I enjoyed waking up in my Mom and Dad's house for the first time in a long time.  But there was no breakfast in bed.  Hmmm.  

We did a little painting.  Sorry there are so many pictures, but I just love these so scroll on through if you don't want to see pictures of my adorable baby girls. 

They take their painting seriously.  Just like Daddy.

And they do a pretty good job!  This here is Madi's.

Have you seen The Holiday?  Don't you think my Madi looks a little bit like the youngest daughter of Jude Law or Graham in the movie?  I think her name is Olivia.

Maybe it's only when I curl her bangs under.

They had fun sleeping in the guest bedroom.  Riley said, "Mommy, I want Madi to sleep with me in the big bed.  You can just find something fluffy to lay on on the floor."

Yeah, that didn't happen.  Madi ended up in the pack-n-play and Riley and I in the bed.  Except for night number 2, we were all 3 stuffed in that bed.  Cozy.  :)

The girls just love my Mom and Dad's yard.  But who wouldn't?  I love it.  Could stay out there all day.

My Mom likes to put the kids to work.  Safety scissors work great for trimming.

And Riley helped Pop Pop with the rose garden, or what will soon be a blooming rose garden.

We headed home Sunday early afternoon.  And waited for Tim to get home.

And that's about all I really have to report.

Except I want to remember one thing that Madi said tonight while I was brushing her hair, and she was brushing her teeth.  She said, 

"Mommy, party my bangs in the middle, like this.  Just like a tent!!  Hehe!"

She cracks me up.



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