Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smell My Feet

That's totally rude, I shouldn't have said that.

But Halloween is sooooo over and it's taken me a looooong time to post the pictures.  I'm disappointed in myself...not going to lie.

Halloween was awesome.  Riley and Madi loved hair and makeup.  Then Riley (Rapunzel) loved trick or treating.  And...Madi (Cinderella)  hated it.

But they looked so cute.

Sorry, after uploading the pictures, I realized I took no horizontal pictures.  Just vertical.  So just go with it.

Aren't they precious?  They were having a great time, until it got dark.  Then Madi got scared and Riley just couldn't wait to go trick or treating.

But we had to wait for the family to arrive.  And some arrived in "costume".  Gotta love it!

That's GiGi for you!  She knows a good time when she sees one.  That's why we invite her to everything!

The girls got a big kick out of that wig.  As did I. 

We kind of switched the adults in and out of candy duty.  Last year I set all the candy out hoping that kids would just take one.  But I don't think they did.  So this year I was going to sit and pass out candy, but my awesome fam let me trick or treat with the kids while they took turns.

Thank you family!  It was fun to see Riley have such a fun time.  Of course we only got like our street done and half of another one.

But that's okay.  We met this really cute bee on our travels.  Her name is Savannah, and she is a sweetheart!

We also were not scared of much.  And by we I mean Riley.  Madi had more fun handing out candy with my Mom.

Do you think Riley noticed anything spooky?  Or had a candy mission?

I'm going with candy mission....

But it was really cute after our one big street and half a street.  Riley just had too much candy.  She couldn't hold her basket any longer.  It was a dramatic end to a great night.

Sorry, not much love into this post.  I'm trying to adjust to Tim's new hours which I'll tell you about next time.  It's a good thing, but it's been kind of hard to get used to.

I know it's late, but I hope you ALL had an excellent Halloween.  I know not everyone loves it, enjoys it, or has fun with it...but for us, it's a fun night where we dress up, trick or treat for candy, and enjoy our sugar highs. 

And man oh man.  Did Cinderella have a sugar high. 



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