Sunday, May 16, 2010


I promise that I am going private, I just have to find the time to send out invites and all that jazz.  I'm so not into blogging right now.  It's been boring me.  Maybe it's because I have no pics to share since I've only picked up my camera to take pictures of my cakes.  Maybe it's because I'm tired right now.  Or maybe it's because I'm boring right now.  So, hopefully sometime next week, I'll take the time to go private.  I have all of your emails saved up nice and pretty in a separate folder in my email. 

I guess I'll share a few pics of whatever I can find in my computer that I might have taken recently.

We have not been up to much.  The men in the fam have spent the last two weekends building the play set at my Mom and Dad's, and the set is finally up and playable.  Still much to do in the play area though.  My Mom has some awesome ideas.  I think I'm a little bit jealous of my kids and the great yard that they will get to grow up playing in.  It's nice because our yard is small and there is no grass area, unless you count the itty bitty bit of grass that we like to call our front yard.  Not ideal for kids.  That's okay though, this is not our forever house, but it is our awesome for right now house.  Grateful for the awesome house that my Mom and Dad have.

Speaking of our house we've been doing a few improvements.  Riley's room for one has been screaming makeover since the day we moved in and I realized how I totally was not into the bedding that I had bought for her like a year before me moved in.  She had a daybed and it's hard to find bedding that's cute for a daybed.  So, Mommy found her a headboard that matches the furniture in her room.  Target said it wouldn't be here until some time between the 19th and the 21st, but they lied.  It got here on Friday.  So cool!  Riley's new bedding is very bright, with pinks and lime greens.  Her walls are blue, with a high chair rail that has blue and white stripes underneath.  Not ideal for a pink and lime green comforter.  So, this weekend, my Mom (who is awesome) and I painted a thin lime green stripe between the other stripes and I'm planning on painting flowers throughout the bottom portion. and above the chair rail, some butterflies etc.  I have the paint.  I'm hoping to get further along next weekend so that I can post pics.  It's looking so cute!!

We've also been saving our pennies for granite in the kitchen and I'm hoping that we can get that installed first week in July.  The only problem is finding the right guy with the right quote.  The last quote we got was double what the other two quotes were, but the installer was highly recommended.  Granite is definitely not something I know much about, or anything about for that matter.  I'm hoping to get one more quote that is reasonable before we make our decision.  I'm excited though, it's going to make such a difference in our kitchen!  If anyone has a name of a great, reasonable granite guy, send it my way.  I can use all the help I can get.

I'm going to take a sec and peruse my folders to see if there are any worthwhile pics to share but I'm not making any promises.

Just took a look and apparently all of my good pics are on the computer upstairs.  I thought I'd share some from mother's day but they are not here and I'm not taking my lazy butt off the couch to go look for them.  So don't hate me, I'm only going to post two pics that have nothing to do with this post.

The first one...

I cooked with anchovies the other day.  Put them in a Caesar dressing recipe that I found on Stone Gable.  I was scared but feeling adventurous, apparently, anchovies in Caesar dressing is like the best.  The outcome?  I couldn't eat it without almost gagging.  All I could think of was that there were anchovies in my dressing.  I'm sure it's really good and if I have it somewhere out, just don't tell me that them little fish things are in my dressing.  I couldn't stomach it.  But, it tasted good.  I'll stick to anchovieless dressing from this point on.

The second, a cake I did this weekend.  Princess cake.  Sorry if you are bored of seeing my cake creations but like I said, I really have no pics to share on this computer. 

Buttercream cake top tier decorated with piped buttercream flowers and hand painted flowers, castle, Cinderella shoe and flowers on bottom tier all fondant.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I'm hoping to be out of the biggest blogging slump I've ever been in soon. 


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