Sunday, December 29, 2013

Princess Jasmine and the Cutest Kitty You've Ever Seen!!!

It feels really weird posting Halloween a few days after Christmas, but it's happening anyway!

I've been so busy with Christmas festivities, and editing some photo shoots for friends, that it has been very hard to edit my own pictures.

But this morning, is the first morning I've had in a month in a half, where I had nothing, I repeat nothing to do.  It's fantastic.  So, hopefully I have a few posts up my sleeve :)

The kids had the best Halloween this year, they had so much fun trick or treating and I think did the entire neighborhood.  I fear I only have a few more Halloweens where the kids are super into it. They are just growing up way too fast.

We started Halloween with a parade for Madi at her school.  It makes me sad that Riley doesn't get to dress up for school, but Madi does, and they go to the same school.  Doesn't seem quite right to me.  But is Madi!

Does she not make the cutest kitty cat?  She wiped off her nose but still looks adorable :)

Here is a picture of her and her "knight in shining armor".  She has a bit of a crush on this kid.  And I think it's mutual.  I mean, he made her a picture of a heart, with their names in it, the first week of school.  Adorable :)

After school, I got both girls ready for trick or treating.  They love getting their makeup and hair done and I love having girl time with them.  So, from this point forward, you will just see pictures.  We had a mini shoot in the front yard while the lighting was still good.

My Kitty Cat...and Princess Jasmine everybody!

This kid, wanted to show her belly.  Ugh.  The costume I originally purchased showed less belly, but amazon cancelled my order, and this is the only other one that was available.  Don't judge me, haha!

Black and white, and color, because I love them both equally :)

Such cuties!


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