Sunday, September 29, 2013

School Days

School has been in full swing for almost 2 months now.  It's amazing how fast it goes.  The first day of school has come and gone and the girls have been loving it.

Riley is in first grade this year.

And Madi is in T-K.  Transitional Kindergarten.  

I can't say the beginning of the year has gone smoothly though.  I've been back and forth with Riley's teacher I don't know how many times.  It's been very frustrating to say the least.  But, I think we might be on track now.  Riley got a progress report two weeks ago saying that her sight word memorization is not where it needs to be.  This came as a surprise to us because we had no idea that she was behind.  It's her only area of concern, but I don't like being in the dark regarding my child's reading.  Especially after I asked the teacher to let me know if there was any area of concern.  How hard is it to email a parent to say, "Riley is behind on her sight words, we need to fix this before it becomes a problem."

So, I asked around, thank you Sheryl...and I found her a tutor.  She starts with Riley on Tuesday and will come twice a week for an hour each day.  Of course, after just myself working with Riley for a week, she is already at the reading level that she needs to be, go figure.  Oh there is a problem?  Just let me know, I will fix it.  Interesting.  Anyway, I'm hoping the tutor will speed up her reading so that she is reading at a much higher level then she needs to be, so that we don't have this problem in the future.

My poor Riley.  She's smart.  This shouldn't have happened.  But it will get fixed.  Man this parenting stuff sucks.

On a lighter note, look at that missing tooth...

It seems like her entire mouth is wiggling right now.  I'm hoping that all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.  Man that would make Christmas so much less expensive.

So Ms. Madison is doing great in T-K.  I've been so worried about her behavior and it seems as though I shouldn't have been.  We got her progress report and she is doing awesome in everything.  The only thing that was something that she needs to work on is the sounds of her letters.  I've been working with her for a week as well, and she knows them all.  So, I thought I would start her on sight words.  Because I want her reading before she hits first grade.  I'm learning from my mistakes with Riley.  Poor Riley, she is so smart.  I don't know how that happened.  I'm sorry Riley, it's my fault.

Recently, I did a back to school photo shoot with a photographer friend of mine.  She always has the cutest ideas, and the best props.  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.  I'm more of a, that's a pretty background, let's shoot here kinda girl, but it's fun to throw in all the props.

So what else is new with us?  Tim has been working like a dog.  He's gone by 4:30 and home around 7 or 8.  I miss him being home for dinner.  But this is what happens for them at the end of the year.

Can you believe I just said that?  End of the year.  Wow.  October will be here in a few days.  The girls are so excited for Halloween.

We have not gotten any costumes yet.  We can't make up our mind.  Madi wants to be Cinderella again this year.  Or a cat.  On Friday, Madi was asked by 2 strangers what she was going to be for Halloween, and she gave them both different answers.

Hehe, she cracks me up.

And Riley, wants to be Jasmine.  So that she can show her belly.  Um okay, how about no.

We still have a few weeks to figure it all out.

This next picture, I told Madi it looked like she had vampire eyes.  Unfortunately she is not familiar with the Twilight series, and thinks of vampires as scary blood sucking freaks.  Not dreamy or exciting, like Edward.  Oops.

Aren't these pictures cute?  They crack me up.  The kids had so much fun.

I'm pretty sure Riley could be a model.  We asked her to pose, and she did.  And she liked it.  She loves the camera.

And I think it's safe to say that the camera loves her too.

This one cracks me up.  Lewann said, look bored.  So she did.

Well, I think I'm out of things to I'll leave you with a poem.

School days are hectic.  School days are fun.  School days stress Mommy out.  And make her drink wine.  

What?  That doesn't rhyme?  Well poo.  I guess I'll just try better next time.



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