Thursday, August 8, 2013


I'd like you to meet Ms. R.S.J.  She is the newest addition to our family.

Are you wondering what R.S.J. stands for?  I'm hesitant to tell you.  Just FYI...I did not have anything to do with the naming process.  I do think you might think that I did.  But I assure you I didn't.

Her name is Rainbow Sparkle Jewel.

Now you can probably guess who came up with that name.  And yes, of course it was Tim.  Just kidding.  Riley wanted her name to be Rainbow Sparkle.  And Madi wanted her name to be Jewel.

Since I'm such a clever individual...I decided to combine them all.  Because it sounds like the best name in the entire world.  Repeat after rolls off your tongue like butter...

Rainbow Sparkle Jewel.

Best.  Name.  Ever.

A friend of mine, who actually used to be Madi and Riley's preschool teacher, was in a bind and needed a home for the little lady and quick.  See, Lewann and I were texting about a photo shoot we want to do (she's a photographer and we have done a few shoots with the girls), and she told me her sad story about the kitty.  So I texted my Mom.  She is in the market for a kitty.

But my Mom's kitties stay outside.  Rainbow Sparkle Jewel is not really an outdoor kitty.  Could be her name...or her personality...but my Mom didn't want her to have to be just an outdoor kitty.

So we decided we would try to keep her.  We had tried this once before but found out that Madi was allergic.  This was about 3 years ago.

And she was just 2.  So we thought, why not try it out, and see how it goes.  If it doesn't work out, my brother will take her.

He is dying to be the creepy young single dude with a cat.  That is his definition of himself, if he were to take the cat.  I didn't come up with that.

But, so far so good.  It will be 2 weeks on Saturday since we have had her.  So far, Ms. Madi has no allergies.

And I'm hoping it stays that way.  Here is Lewann, and in case you were wondering, the adorable little girl in the pictures is her daughter.

It was so hard to have to give our kitty back the first time.  I would hate to do it again.  The girls have fallen in love with Rainbow Sparkle Jewel.  She is such a great kitty.  And she looks great in my house.

So wish us luck.  We are hoping this kitty works out.  For good.

Oh Rainbow Sparkle Jewel.  You complete us.



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