Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Girl & Her Hair

I'm wondering.  Does everyone have that one child that no matter what you do, she ends up destroying or almost destroying her beautiful hair?  Or is it just me?

Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley.  Did you not learn from this incident?  From now on, just don't touch your hair.  At all.  Since the extreme hair loss the first time, she has cut it once more.  I'm happy to say that she no longer cuts her hair.  But the other day, I go into my room, following the whimpers, and find Riley on my bed with a round brush stuck, as close to her scalp as possible, with as much hair in it as she could get in it.  Right in the front, on the side of her head.

I did not panic.  I'd like to write that down for the record.  I searched the googles.  The googles told me nothing.  Except for conditioner, possibly.  So we started with just trying to get her hair out of it.  Which was too painful.

So we moved to the bath.  Conditioner, water, conditioner, water.  Little by little it started to come out.  
So then I got a scissor, to try to cut the brush out of her hair.  Which started to work.

Then Daddy got home and he took over.

The rest is history.

We did it, success!!  And she only lost a little bit of hair.  Thank goodness.  This better be the last ordeal with her hair.  Or I'm giving her back.



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