Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Best, I mean, World Famous Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Have you ever had someone advertise a dish you will be bringing to a party as, World Famous..., but in all reality, you've never made it before, like ever?

Well, that my friends, happened to my Dear Husband, Timmy.  My Mom's Fourth of July invite this year clearly had his world famous pulled pork sandwiches advertised as just that, world famous.

The nerve of some people (my mother).  First of all, this bad boy...

was still in a box in the garage at the time that invite was sent out.  We bought this 4 in 1 smoker/bbq combo thing at Sams.  For a great deal.  And it works amazingly.  Tim wanted to make pulled pork last year for the Fourth, but we ran out of time.  So this year, he had no excuse.  He got the smoker together about 1.5 weeks before the Fourth and we got everything needed to smoke a trial run of his famous pulled pork.  A 3 pound butt shoulder, or shoulder butt.  We had a big conversation about this.  I just didn't understand how a shoulder could have a butt, or a butt could have a shoulder.  I get it now.  I think.  Email me if you are confused.  I'll explain it to you.

So, after picking up the wood chunks, and charcoal at Home Depot, the butt shoulder or shoulder butt, and a beer.  We were ready to go.

He smoked it, we ate it.  It was delicious, of course, it took longer than that.  Like 3-4 hours to smoke it.  Anyway, we made changes that needed to be made to our recipe.  And were ready to smoke the big 16 pound pork butt shoulder, or shoulder butt, for Tim's famous pulled pork sandwiches.

He made his rub.  With a bit more of a kick the second time.  Not like a big kick, just enough of a kick, so that our mild mouthed friends would still be able to enjoy it.

While that sat and got to room temp, Tim got his smoker at the correct temp.

Please excuse the mess on the hill.  We planted some shrubs and ground cover and then thought we could fill in with some "wild flower seed".  It ended up being just a weed.  So we have a mess.  Anyway.  Tim seared this bad boy on both sides and got to smoking.  After 4 hours, he flipped it.

It smelled so good.  Like so good.  Like you could taste the smell good.  Tim had a long job, he had to take the day off before the Fourth to get this done.  But his Dad was here to help.  And we were there to keep him company.

So how did the famous pulled pork turn out?  We pulled it apart.  Some for me...some for tomorrow...some for me...some for tomorrow.  Lick your chops good.  Let it sit in the fridge.  Made our own bbq sauce for it and mixed that in the next day.

Was it world famous?

You bet your pork butt it was.  


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