Monday, January 30, 2012

San Diego and Stuff

Oh man, so what's up?  It's been a great new year so far.  At least for us.  I'm hoping it has been for you too. Whom ever you are that might actually still keep up with this here blog, that I update once a month.  Or so.

I'm not going to go into details as to why I have not updated the blog, because it's boring, and I'll just lose you as a reader.  I could possibly be talking to myself right now.

And that's cool.  Me and myself have some pretty good conversations.

Okay, enough gibberish.

We went to San Diego this past weekend.  To see Sean's new condo.  It's pretty awesome.  I wouldn't expect anything less.  It's his birthday on Wednesday.  He will be a whopping 26 years old!  I know this because in 25 short days I will be 30.  What?  I know, I said it.  30.  But that's okay.  Cause my hubby is 37, and I will always be his young trophy wife.  And when I say trophy wife, I mean like a bronze.  But that is still considered a trophy.  So I'll take it.

Back to San Diego, see I start blogging, and this is what takes me so long.  The gibberish.  I haven't talked to you in so long that I feel the need to tell you (one of my 5 readers) everything that's on my mind.  I apologize. It shan't happen again.

So remember?  We went to San Diego.  And we passed by my favorite pizza place.

That's right, I said passed by my favorite pizza place.  We didn't stop.  I shed a tear, but saved their number in my phone for future deliveries.  Please don't tell me that they don't deliver to Corona.  I'll shoot you.  I'll shoot you right in your leg.  I'm not joking.

The hubs thought Mexican sounded good.  So that's what we did.  

It wasn't as good as my pizza place that delivers to Corona.  But it was good.  And this little corn on the cob with some kinda of a chipotle sauce and cojita cheese on it made up for my pizza loss.

After our lunch, which was very eventful I might add, (Mom, please start your blog again so that I can see the pics you took of you know who...I'm not asking again.  After this, I will never bother you again.) we walked down to see Sean's school.  We went inside and everything.  It's very nice.  I'm so proud of my "little" brother.  One day I'm hoping, when he becomes a lawyer, he can get that murder of '98 off my record.  Just kidding.  It was the murder of '99.  My bad.

In all seriousness though, he's doing great, and I'm so proud of him.

The girls had a good time.  Have you missed seeing pictures of them?  I have.  I take them, but never get the pics on my computer.  It feels good to get a blog post under my belt.

Our little Madi has had an eventful January.  My Mom watched the girls for Tim and I when we went to Supercross and they had a little accident.  Well, Madi had an accident.  She is the clumsiest kid in the world!  Honestly, she still looks like a newborn baby horse learning how to walk.  So basically what happened is she tripped over herself, or some dust on the floor, and her face hit the tile at my Mom's.  They thought she just busted her lip open, but in fact, she chipped both of her front teeth.  Can you see it?

It's very small, and honestly, it is so Madi.  I think it's adorable.  Especially after the dentist said that everything was okay and we only needed to fix it for aesthetic reasons, if we wanted to.  

And after Madi's first visit to the dentist...we will only be going every 6 months.  WOW!  The screaming she did in there was awesome.  Can you sense my sarcasm?  But Riley did really well, and we are cavity free which is awesome.

But watching this small, reserved, soft spoken dentist trying to give Madi an x-ray was classic.  After he tried to clean her teeth (I thought Madi was going to bite off a finger), we had to get at least one picture of her front teeth.  This dentist finally got the plastic piece in her mouth and screamed, "Take it!!!  Take the picture!!!"  Awe, it's nice that I can laugh at it now.

This girl.

Back to San Diego, see I wandered off topic again.  So shoot me okay.  I might get better.  Riley had fun too, she's getting so big.  Did you know that she turned 5?  Of course not, because I haven't blogged since December 20th, and she turned 5 on the 28th.  So big.  We just had a party for her and her friends this past weekend, on Saturday.  They had a great time and hopefully I'll post pictures of that soon too.

I love these girls.  They keep me on my toes.  

So do you want to know what else is up?  Before I say good bye?  We are finally doing our bonus room.  See what happened was the TV Tim and I were looking at (55" Samsung least I think that's what it is, don't ask me, I'm not tech savvy) was at an amazing price, with like $800.00 off.  So we bought it.  And had nothing to sit on to watch it.

Because I found this really cute sectional online for an awesome price, but we went to look at it and it was not as cute in person.  So then we found another one at Jerome' I'll show you...

But we are short...about $1000.00.  So in the meantime, we are sitting on this...

and we have a toy box as a coffee table.  And a borrowed TV stand.  And an out of place glider.  It's a long way from being done.  Trust me.  I know this.

But I found an awesome table on Craigslist that we bought a few weeks ago that I'm going to paint and use as a craft/homework table for the girls that we will put on the other side of the room.  They love it!  Even without the room being done (or even close) it has such a comfortable feel to it.  I love spending time up here.  I'm up here right now.

I just wish I had a lot more money so that we could finish the room.  But it will get there.  And in the meantime, I'll just get lots of ideas from Pinterest.  And dream.

And I will show you pictures along the way.  My wonderful 5 readers.  I love you.  I do.

Kisses and peace out!



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