Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The One and Only (at least so far) December Post

Busy, busy, busy.

And tired, tired, tired.  And lazy, lazy, lazy.

The good news is I'm ready for the holidays.  Presents are all wrapped (except for my Dad's last minute ones for my Mom of course), even the ones from Santa, in Santa's special paper are done.  Presents are wrapped and ready for the stockings.  Oh, and I assure you the stockings are hung, and have been since Thanksgiving weekend.  I haven't even posted pictures of my decor.  But, it looks mostly the same as it did last year.  Check my archives if you are curious.

It's been one of those holiday seasons.  The second week into December, I took pictures of a friend's kids for her Christmas cards on Sunday, I had my Christmas bunco (hoping to find at least one picture of that) on that Tuesday, edited the pics from the shoot on Wednesday and made my cakes and fillings for a wedding cake due on Saturday, Riley's Christmas program for Preschool on Friday, my friend Crystal coming to stay with us that same Friday, and then on Saturday, we had a birthday party to go to, my very very last cake to deliver, and right after that, Tim's company party at The Queen Mary.

Why is everything wrapped up into one week?  Always!  Then we had our company party at my Mom's the following Monday.

I've been trying to catch myself up, and this blog.  But it is not on my To Do list.  Ever anymore.  It might just end up being a picture blog, or something.  I want to keep it up, but I don't want to keep it up.  That might change after the holidays.  We will see.

Almost all the pictures that you see will be straight out of the camera.  I don't have it in me to edit.  Editing is also not on my To Do list.  What is on my To Do list is to still take pictures of the girls for our Christmas New Years cards.  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  Or never.  Ugh, and I had such a good idea, and spent $80.00 on "outfits" for them.

Well, the pictures that you are seeing today are from the Company party.  I did not take my camera into dinner.  I thought that would be creepy.  What the pictures are of are from our room, the boat, and stuff like that.

Tim and I stayed the night on the boat (THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and enjoyed every minute of it.  We got down there around 4:30 pm and the party didn't start until 6:30-6:45.  So, I spread out my makeup, hair stuff, and clothes, took a nice shower and got to work primping myself.  Not before I took some pictures of the room though.

It was really cool, for my birthday we stayed in such a modern new room at Pechanga.  This room was old, and dated, and so stinkin' cool it's not even funny.  I love experiencing everything, and the history of this boat is so awesome.  Tim was my history buff.

So you walk into the room and right in front of you is a little desk built into the wall (no pictures, I had my 50 mm on and wow, that's just too close...so I quickly swapped my 50 for my 35...so much better).  To the left, was our bed and 3 portholes.  So cool!  That actually opened, and the fresh breeze was to die for.

From the entrance to the right, was a hallway, and another room.  With another bed, that I jokingly told Tim that if he didn't mind his manners, he'd be sleeping there...

Also in this room was a vanity (huge) that I sat at to do my makeup and hair.  I'm sorry, I totally take advantage of a hotel room.  I take my time getting ready with no little ones running around, and pretend like I'm rich.  Not like I need to be rich, but it's fun to pretend, even if I did sip my champagne from a plastic cup.  Okay, do I sound like a 16 year old?  I'll stop telling you my deep dark secrets.  Anyway, next to the vanity was the bathroom.

That's before I put all my goods out.

And check out the shower.  The knobs were labeled fresh cold, fresh hot, salt cold, and salt hot.  So cool right?  So I took a cold, salty shower.  Just kidding.  I took a fresh hot shower.  And it was awesome, before I saw the ghost.  Just kidding again.  But you know the ship is haunted right?

That was fun conversation.  I didn't get anyone to take a picture of us when we were all dressed up, so the iphone picture will just have to do...

What do you think?  I mean I'm wearing heels.  I don't wear heels that often because at six feet tall, I'm already considered an amazon chick.  Put heels on me and I'm 6'3".  Hmmmm.  And those really cute sexy heels that you see everywhere...yeah, I'd be 6'6"...right, wouldn't want to be that tall even if I was married to a six eight kinda guy.  Not my bag.  But it was so fun to get all dressed up and fancy.  And my man, looks super hot.  Love him.

We headed up to the party, and wow.  After meeting everyone that Tim works with, I am thoroughly impressed.  My gosh.  God couldn't have picked a better position for him.  Not only is he with a company that he can retire from, but he's working with amazing people, all who have faith, who had been praying themselves for the right guy to come along.  They couldn't stop telling me how excited they were to have Tim on board.  Amazing.  Thank you Jesus.  We are truly blessed, in so many ways, but this was the icing.  So proud of my hubby and all that he does for us.

The next day, we took our time, because check out wasn't until noon, hello!  Thank you!  So we packed up, rolled our bags out to the car and headed back onto the ship to take a look around.

This was the hallway down to some of the rooms.

It was so relaxing walking around the ship, holding hands.  We decided that we are ready for our honeymoon.  We never got one.  Boo Hoo. :)  We are thinking a cruise might be nice, or skiing for my birthday.  Hmmm, we will see.

Or Hawaii, Tim lived there for 2 years and would move back if I said okay.  I wanted to surprise him on our 5th Anniversary, but the funds were not there...another reason why I pretend in hotel rooms, that I'm rich.

We ended up having lunch on the ship.  And I wished we hadn't.  The only restaurant available was this one.  And the service was awful!  Like awful!

But my date was cute.

And our view was not to shabby.

But the food was bad.  Yeah.  Bad.  Not anything compared to the dinner we had served to us the night before.  That dinner was amazing.  This one...not so much.  All though, Tim chose better than I.

We tried on some hats.

Bought one (I'll give you a hint...we didn't buy mine.).  And took off back home, to relieve my mother of her babysitting duties.

It was a great evening.  So happy.  Life is so good right now.  We are free of stress (at the moment), negativity, and are surrounded by a beautiful family and friends.  It couldn't get much better than this!

Except if I would pick up my camera more often and take advantage of the unbelievable bokeh everywhere.  I'll work on that.  And if I don't get back on to wish you a Merry Christmas, than Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!




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